Your visitors want to know where to get what you wear. Help them!

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Facilitate your visitors life with direct links to merchants

How many times did you say : "I love shoes she's wearing on her blog but she just writes the brand. There isn't any links !" And then you began a 1 hour research on Google to find where to get these shoes… Don't do this to your visitors, install the widget to give them direct links to products !

You can post links to e-shops and your visitors too

Your visitors may know e-shops that you don't know.
Clothes you wear in your blog may be sold-out and you don't know an other website that sells them. But your visitors may know and they may post a new link.

It's a really addictive game

You post some links to e-shops to help them to find and buy what you wear. They also can post links to help others. It's a true sharing experience with benefits for everyone.

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Installation notes
1. Click the "add widget" button
2. Take care Wheretoget is in your blog sidebar and click "save"
3. It's done!