We need your help!

To improve your experience on Wheretoget and ensure you get the best-quality content, we built this moderation platform, in which we’d like you to take part as a volunteer moderator.
The principle of this tool is very simple and easy to use – we tried it at the office and we must say it is so fun that it becomes addictive!
How does it work?
Simply put, we want to qualify the content by identifying the type and the color of the garment on the picture.
  • If the item doesn’t seem clear enough to you, just click on the skip button to move to the next question.
  • There is only one possible answer per question.
  • A question is considered solved when it gets at least 3 over 5 identical answers.
If you have further questions about how the tool works, please go to this forum topic
What do you earn as a volunteer moderator?
Volunteer moderators earn m.points for each of their contribution and are featured on the moderation community leaderboard.
m.points are calculated as the following:
  • 1 m.point for each answer you provide
  • 5 m.points if you have voted the answer that is selected (most questions need 5 answers to be validated, and the answer will most votes is elected)
Note: m.points are different from the current displayed points on your profile.
Even more important, volunteer moderators play a great role building and growing the Wheretoget project.
How do you become a part of the Wheretoget moderation community?
Not all members have access to this platform! If you received an invitation, it means that we consider you as one of our most valuable and trustworthy members.
Thank you all for your interest and contributions. We hope you will enjoy using this platform!
The wheretoget team

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