You Need These Nails Before You See Beauty And The Beast


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As you can probably tell, we're pretty excited about Disney's live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. Not only have we been searching for the perfect Belle-inspired look to rock when we go and see it, but we've been closely following the film's leading lady, Emma Watson, on her glamorous and environmentally-conscious press tour around the globe. 

Adding to our excitement for the premiere of the movie, which comes out in theatres on March 17th, cosmetics brand Jamberry have just dropped a line of Disney princess-themed nail wraps that are major #Disneyprincessgoals. While we're looking forward to showing off our stained glass-style, enchanted rose nails, the collection also comprises designs of Jasmine, Princess Merida, Mulan and more, so you can choose your favorite, or even mix them up – which is an especially tempting option since the wraps are on a buy-three-get-one-free offer. 

Among the Beauty and the Beast selection are an artful red-and-white silhouette of Belle, an ornate gold design featuring Belle in her iconic ball gown and a subtle pastel pattern inspired by fan favorite, Chip (the cutest anthropomorphic teacup in cinematic history). 

If you're a newcomer to nail wraps here's our 5-step guide to applying them, plus scroll down to see our favorite selection of designs:  

1. Place your finger next to the sheet of wraps to measure which one is the best fit for each nail. 
2. Peel off the nail wrap and use a hair dryer to warm it up until it becomes flexible (roughly 3 to 5 seconds).
3. Once warm, place the wrap onto the nail and press down around the edges to secure it.
4. Cut off any excess from the top using nail scissors, and then file it down to smooth the edge.
5. Reapply heat for 3 to 5 seconds and press down once again to ensure it is properly bonded to the nail.
Bonjour Belle - $18
Curious Beauty - $18
Enchanted Life - $18
Look Deeper - $18
Unexpected Romance - $18
Dare To Dream - $18

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