Here's How The Fashion Industry Is Showing Love For Elizabeth Warren



When members of the Senate silenced Elizabeth Warren, they made a mistake. A huge mistakeone might say. 

Senate Republicans tried to stop the Democratic senator as she read a 30-year-old letter denouncing President Trump's pick for attorney general, Jeff Sessions. The letter was penned by Martin Luther King's widow, Coretta Scott King, in which she references Sessions' abuse of power "to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens." 

Republicans were not having it, accusing Warren of violating Senate rules against impugning the character of another senator. But it was the words of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that stuck, becoming a national catchphrase carrying Warren to the status of a hero — a new anthem for the women's rights movement. 

“Sen. Warren was giving a lengthy speech,” he said. “She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Warren was banned from participating in the floor debate over Sessions' nomination. But those three words, spoken against a woman by male senators as she tried to read a letter from a civil rights icon, took on a whole new meaning among outraged democrats and in the wake of recent events like the Women's March — an international protest advocating legislation and policy for human rights. The phrase has been flipped around and used amongst progressives as a battlecry in support of Warren. And while #ShePersisted, #LetLizSpeak and “Silencing Elizabeth Warren” were among Twitter's top trending topics in the U.S. following the attempt to rebuke Warren, the fashion industry has also been quick to react. 


It wasn't long before the new, empowering slogan (goodbye, #NastyWoman) hit places like Etsy, allowing feminists and liberals to shop the necessary merch to celebrate all powerful, persistent women like Warren. These are the women who refuse to let anyone undermine the importance of their voices. This is anyone who has refused to conform to the societal norm of staying quiet, being polite, and sticking to a smile instead of speaking out. And with #NeverthelessShePersisted t-shirts, mugs and tanks available, the possibility for sartorial support are endless. 

And it doesn't stop there. 

Reebok joined the movement, releasing for a woman's athletic t-shirt with the political message for pre-sale. It's already sold out.  Then, last night’s Prabal Gurung finale saw a parade of models, led by Bella Hadid, rocking t-shirts bearing slogans like, “The Future Is Female,” “Nevertheless, She Persisted” and “I Am An Immigrant.” For his final bow, the Nepalese designer walked out with his hand over his heart in a shirt reading, “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like.” 

Warren has vowed not to remain silent, and she's got the fashion industry helping to make her message loud and clear. 

To show your support, shop this selection of #NeverthelessShePersisted merchandise. 
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