Pineapple X Finery Is The Collab We've Been Waiting For

Don't just wear your basics. Live in them.

WTG’s latest obsession? Debbie Moore, the Greater Manchester babe and original Queen of Athleisure. In 1979, the model and businesswoman founded London’s Pineapple Dance Studio, a performing arts school with its own painfully-hip brand of clothing brand to match. 

“I imagined how fabulous it would be if we could break down the elitist barriers around dance and make it accessible for all,” she explained to Huffington Post in 2015, of the studio’s humble beginnings. Venturing into apparel became an extension of Moore’s goal to foster a fashionable but inclusive dance community. Also, with a slogan like, “Pineapple Dance Studios: where careers are made, dreams are broken, bitching is an Olympic sport and everyone is fabulous!” it’s pretty hard not to turn into the coolest kid on the block.

Pineapple Dance Studios: where careers are made, dreams are broken, bitching is an Olympic sport and everyone is fabulous!
So when Moore teamed up to create a capsule collection with Finery London, one of our favorite young British brands, we had high expectations – and the results don’t disappoint. The eight designs are all signature wardrobe staples of Moore’s own closet (i.e. the bodysuit, the jogger, the off-the-shoulder dancer’s sweater that she rocked with aplomb in 1982) in a dreamy palette of wisteria pink, navy, aubergine and washed-black from Finery’s archives. 
These are pieces that aren’t just wearable, they’re live-able: it's a philosophy Moore has stuck to for decades, one that aligns with Finery’s own commitment to quality design. Moore told Finery that dance gear used to be “made of nylon pique or shiny nylon” that left her studio-goers sweating for their lives. Something, she said, had to be done: “I thought, ‘you know, they need some performance fabric.” So, Pineapple offered its clients a revolutionary product: Lycra and cotton-blended outerwear. 
Now, hand-in-hand with Finery, consumers will have their pick of pieces with a contemporary, but classic feel (think somewhere between the aesthetic of Karla Deras and Olivia Newton John); they’re pieces that address the needs of women on-the-go by being breathable and easy to layer, as well as stand-out staple pieces – plus, sizes for the ultra-flattering styles run up to a U.K. 18 (U.S. 16). The cotton-blended bodysuits drape ever-so-slightly around the abdomen, and the off-the-shoulder dancer’s sweater will help you go from Netflix-binge-mode to night out with ease. 
In other words, Pineapple X Finery understands that comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, when they collide, they can be downright fabulous. 
We’re excited to share the Pineapple X Finery capsule collection with you, from aubergine wrap-tops and fail-proof leggings, to sexy bodysuits and the coziest zip-up hoodie. 

And, finally, because it’s Friday, we thought we’d let you in on a little secret: Finery is celebrating its 2nd birthday this year and it’s holding a little competition to celebrate. Two lucky babes will win a two-years’ supply of clothes from Finery, and all you have to do to be one of them is toss them your name and email address and pray to the fashion gods (plus, the ten runner-ups get £100 of Finery store credit, so you don’t even have to be that lucky to make out big).  

Pineapple X Finery The Chasse Ballet Wrap, Aubergine - £49
Pineapple X Finery The Glissade Dancer's Sweat Top, Pink Sand - £49
Pineapple X Finery The Arabesque Hoodie, Washed Black - £65
Pineapple X Finery The Plie Wrap Body, Pink Sand - £49
Pneaplle X Finery Plie Wrap Body, Quick Ink - £49
Pineapple X Finery The Echappe Slip, Aubergine - £49
Pineapple X Finery The Cabriole Sweat Pant - £59
Pineapple X Finery The Sissone Legging, Quick Ink -  £39

All images courtesy of This article was sponsored by Finery London.