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Here's Why We Should Stop Hyper-Sexualizing Thigh-Highs

They're so much more than "the sexy stocking."

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Over-the-knee tights are kind of the tumbleweed of our underwear drawer, collecting dust and drifting outside of the steady rotation of our running socks and regular stockings. Meanwhile, our thigh-grazing undergarments only seem to see the sun on two occasions: 1) Halloween 2) some kind of sexy-time context. But Gigi Hadid's show-stopping, leg-popping look at the Met Gala had us reconsider the status of the stocking as a potential new closet staple. 

Think of thigh-highs and there’s an large chance you’ll think of the agent provacateur corner of the department store, which is totally cool, but kind of becomes a bummer when that instinct starts to pigeonhole a garment, especially one that has a lot to offer outside of sartorial seduction. In other words, it’s a way of thinking that’s not only limiting, but kind of, like, medieval. 
The habit of hyper-sexualizing the garter-esque stocking dates back to the '60s when Mary Quant’s mini-skirt hit the scene. The height of the new hemline revealed a strip of skin above the stocking line that, during the age of the Dior New Look longer skirts, previously existed unbeknownst to others. The result was the resurgence and subsequent reign of the full-coverage nylon tight. 

Then there was Jane Birkin. The English-rose-turned-French-icon frolicked around Paris with Serge Gainsbourg in the ‘70s, looking chic and comfy with her high-knee stockings and wicker basket, paving the way for fashionistas like Alexa Chung and Suki Waterhouse to follow suit. 
In truth, thigh-highs can be any combination of totally sexy, comfortable and practical. Ever been several enchiladas deep while wearing a pair of tights pulled up past your navel ? It’s the closest you’ll ever get to knowing what it’s like to be the innards of some sausage casing. Thigh-highs, however, will let your food baby flourish: they’ll offer as much or little coverage as you like and still let you catch a breeze between your legs in the summer. 
In short, if you've ever found yourself wondering if you're a thigh-high kind of gal, well – spoiler alert – you probably are. All you need are legs.   

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