Which Sneakers Should You Choose Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Look to the stars for inspiration.

You may or may not believe in Zodiac signs, but you've definitely caught yourself on at least one occasion reading about the characteristics of every one of your friends and laughed when it's been accurate (or, indeed, inaccurate). It's okay to admit it if you like to flick to the Zodiac section of your magazine before reading any of the stories, to find out what the coming weeks might have in store for you. 

For a more precise prediction of what is actually in stores for you, we've made a sneaker star sign chart so you can make a wise decision for your new fall footwear. We gathered 12 celebrities whose birthdays correspond to each sign and used their style for inspiration. Are you an ambitious Aires? It's a minimal white Adidas for you, or are you more of a passionate Scorpio? In which case, you should consider a pair of high-top Vans. 

Scroll down to see what kind of sneakers you should sport based on your celebrity Zodiac sibling: 

Image: Whowhatwear.co.uk

Adidas Superstar - $106

Image: People.com

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
 - $55

Image: Olsensanonymous.blogspot.fr

Keds Leather Trainers - $68

Image: via Pinterest

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor -$61.20

Image: via Pinterest

Top Moda Womens Peter - $38.95

Image: Hollywire.com

Nike Gold Leather Air Max Thea Joli Sneaker
 - €129

Image: Hellogiggles.com

Nike Shoes - $79.99

Image: Vogue.fr

Suede Gazelle Sneakers - € 109

Image: Yournextshoes.com

'2750' Sneaker - $108.96

Image: Wheretoget.it

Puma Fenty Black - £93.00

Cover Image: