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I'm wearing a jumpsuit by my favorite local designer, Luie, which I love because it's velvet and because it earns me compliments for what feels like wearing PJs all day. However, I wore it on Christmas Eve and realized I was matching my cousin's Santa suit because I was wearing it with black boots — not making that mistake again. I was inspired (as I always am) by an article of our writers did on socks a while back, so I ordered these glittery ones from ASOS. I haven't aced implementing them into my look yet, but I'm trying. My gold "Amanda" necklace never comes off (it was a gift from my Nonna), but I have a rotation of necklaces I pair with it depending on the day. I'm also wearing a giant Escada fur coat that was given to me by a very generous friend – or should I say fairy fashion god mother? – for the days where I transform into a fashionable polar bear. Winter in Paris would not be possible without it. 

I believe fashion is a conversation. It can be about art, it can reflect a mood, it can be political. I like to celebrate those who let their outfit choices speak as loudly as their own opinions, and draw inspiration from the players that do it the best. I also love the pieces in my closet that tell stories — the ring I wear that was a gift to my aunt from her first boyfriend, the top I bought to coordinate with my best friend at our first college party, a vintage piece that has followed the life of someone else. But at the same time, don't be surprised to find me in a basic white t-shirt and jeans. Like I said — fashion can be moody! 

A faux-fur, leopard print coat from the vintage store where I used to work in the East Village (N.Y.). My best friend should be bringing it to me when she visits for my birthday next month. I also have my eyes on a pair of silver classic Nike sneakers. These Keds, which were originally from my mom, need to be replaced. 

My answer to this question is always denim — it's such a solid material and choice when it comes to all things style. One of my colleagues introduced me to vintage Levi's 501s and you would think they're the only pair of jeans I own. We're inseparable. Once you find that perfect fit, it's like stepping into an armor of confidence. Those kinds of items are some of fashion's greatest gifts (along with Demna and Guram Gvasalia of Vetements).

Get Amanda's look, and other pieces she mentioned in today's feature: 
Luie Jad Burgundy Jumpsuit - €90
Glamorous Velvet Jumpsuit - $54.95
Daisy Street Velvet Jumpsuit - $31
ASOS Curve Jacket in Vintage Faux Fur - $69
RadGoldBar Custom Name Bar Necklace - $12
ASOS Glittery Ankle Socks - $6.50
Keds Champions Originals - $29.95
Nike Cortez iD - $115
Zara Fax Leopard Coat - $80
Vintage 80s Levi's 501 Slim Fit Jeans - $45
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