Where To Get The Action Tees That Donate 60% Of Profits To The ACLU

And Planned Parenthood, and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Los Angeles-based retailer, Reformation, has seriously stepped up its fashion game this week with the release of an all-new line of Action Tees.

The graphic t-shirts are perfect for the recently-awakened political activist in us all – and especially good for the life-long protester – bearing powerful phrases like "more trees less walls," "I'm just getting started" and "my meow my choice." 

Even better than the slogans they're adorned with, the tees themselves will do some good, too, since 60% of the profits will go towards a related charity. For example, if you purchase the "my meow my choice" tee (a reference to the pussy rhetoric that has been reappropriated since Trump's infamous comments) Reformation will donate $30 to Planned Parenthood. Similarly, $30 from the "more trees less walls" tee will go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and $30 from every "save the Earth, it's the only planet with Meryl" is donated to the Environmental Defense Fund

In essence, this is a chance to do some good by donating to organizations that really need it in the wake of Donald Trump taking office, plus a great excuse to rock one of this season's biggest trends, a slogan t-shirt, with a message that's super cute and in-line with what you care about. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

Currently, Reformation's line of Active Tees retail at $50 a piece and are available in 5 different styles. Get yours before they're gone!
Reformation Winter Tee - $50
Reformation Meow Tee - $50
Reformation Trees Tee - $50
Reformation Getting Started Tee - $50
Reformation Meryl Tee - $50