What Is Ethical Fashion?

This French blogger gives us a lesson in conscious dressing.

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Today's world of fashion is a wasteful one. We think little about the affects our excessive behaviors of consumption have on the environment. One blogger has set out to change the way we shop. She goes by Lysiane-Marie. France-born and Canada-based, Lysiane-Marie is a stylist committed to using her blog, Lines/Manner, to draw attention to ethical fashion creators. Driven by a passion for sustainability and eco-fashion, Lysiane-Marie is on a mission to educate fellow fashionistas about the importance of conscious dressing. 

Her style is minimalist and fresh. Beyond a blog boasting attention to detail and innovative design, we were attracted to her monochrome Instagram feed – and its educational content. Intrigued about the concept of ethical fashion and how we could improve our wasteful dressing habits, we reached out to Lysiane-Marie about her mission. Here's what she had to say. 

Wheretoget: What is the idea behind your blog? Why did you start it?
Lysiane-Marie: My goal as a personal stylist is to orient my clientele towards qualitative, durable, and timeless products. I wish to relay information and share my knowledge of image consulting. My blog serves as a starting point in this attempt to reach a wide range of enthusiasts with similar interests. Through it, I can define and express my inspirations and ideas, raise awareness about eco-responsible designs, and share my discoveries of emerging and independent creators or eco-responsible brands (organic or recycled fabrics, fair trade.) Most importantly, I wish to convey the fundamental notion that fashion does not have to be synonymous with overconsumption, with this urge to always buy more regardless of quality. Ethical fashion should stand at the top of the podium. Privileging quality over quantity is at the essence of my approach to fashion. To my clients, I demonstrate how quantity is not the key to being fashionable. A single garment can be worn in a variety of ways, yet still appear unique in the look it becomes part of. 

WTG: What makes your style unique?
LM: Above all, my endlessly growing will to seek eco-responsible and sustainable products. Plus the fact I do not wish to follow trends and mainly adhere to a modern minimalist approach, privileging essentials, as much in fashion as in life in general.

I wish to convey the fundamental notion that fashion does not have to be synonymous with overconsumption.

WTG: If you had to describe your style with 5 words what would you say?
LM: Minimal, monochrome, modern, timeless, versatile.

WTG: The WTG team loves your Instagram feed and blog. We noticed that your images are monochrome. Is simplicity an important element of your lifestyle?
LM: Simplicity is at the heart of my way of life, my relationships, my work, and my philosophy in general; focusing on essentials, refusing unnecessary physical and spiritual burdens ... Simplicity [is] an effective way to guide us towards the best, inciting us to concentrate on what’s truly important. Living fully; living in the present without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Simplicity is the key: it’s as “simple” as that.

WTG: You're into eco-fashion and sustainability, do you think that the time has come for the brands become more eco-friendly?
: To me, eco-fashion is not a trend: it’s the opposite of temporary. Deep down, we surely all agree with eco-friendly ethics as our future depends on it. Yet sometimes our consumer habits are so strong that they tend to overshadow what truly matters to us. Preserving our environment rhymes with improving our quality of life. I stay firmly convinced that it’s only a matter of time and personal dedication before it becomes the norm.

WTG: What are your favorite brands and why?
LM: Favorite brands : Everlane, for uniting quality with affordability. Alexander Wang, for impeccable textures and perfect cuts. ACNE, for playing with volumes and embracing modernity. COS, for their fresh and minimal feel. Céline, just because of Céline. Stella McCartney, for daring sustainable luxury.

To me, eco-fashion is not a trend: it’s the opposite of temporary

WTG: What positive message do you hope to spread by reaching such a big audience through your online and social media presence?
LM: One absolute necessity: be yourself. Stay true to your values and in harmony with your spirit. Be the best you can be.

WTG: Which five fall items do you recommend?
LM: I recommend statement and minimalist key pieces, essential pieces, for example: 1) a crisp white shirt (like a boyfriend shirt) to illuminate [your outfit] 2) a cozy sweater (especially paired with a slit midi dress) to feel comfy 3) a structured and textured coat, for shelter 4) a leather jacket [for] bring edgy vibes 5) an oversized cardigan, to be timeless.

All images courtesy of Lysiane-Marie.
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