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This Company Will Change The Way You Think About Lingerie

What does sexy mean to you?

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We live in a time where women helping women is at the core of what’s pushing this world forward. And when it comes to support, bras are not excluded from this movement. 

Enter:, an intimates brand that is changing the way we wear our undergarments, not only treating the staple items as a foundation to outfit construction, but redefining the word sexy. 

“Women should feel however they want to, and it's not the garment that makes them sexy,” Amy Riordan, President and CMO of, told us in an interview. “It’s the woman inside of the garment that makes sexy." 
Intimates that are also empowering? Sounds pretty good to us. Sounds like understanding the pulse of the modern female consumer. is flipping the switch on perspective, designing products not for who’s seeing them when the clothes come off, but for the person actually putting them on. wants you to feel fabulous. That also means professional, intricate detail surrounding quality, fit and affordability. There's a reason these pieces are called intimates — this is the realm of fashion that's most stripped down, so there's no room for messing around. 

"Most people create bras for people that don’t need them. We want to make sure we have an assortment for women who need these items and that they can be more comfortable and feel better about themselves," Riordan said. "And, without spending too much." 

So why does think women should trust them with this foundation of comfort and style? The company tests each collection and values the input of their customers. 

"We tested our first collection, saw what resonated, shifted [our designs], and with our thrid collection, we really found our voice," she said. "Because we’re smaller, we reached out to customers specifically." 

So with Valentine’s Day approaching, challenges Internautes to think differently about the holiday where romance is often lost to the pressure of grand gestures and chocolate binges. Instead of being defined based on a particular event — Valentine's Day is, after all, the holy day of all things lace — the brand offers two possible shopping experiences: Me Day and V-Day. While you can peruse the curated V-Day selection for sexier pieces that align with the traditional reds, pinks and blacks of the sexiest day of the year, Me Day is – surprise! – all about you. Treat yourself to a gift without waiting for a an occasion to feel special. Riordan's suggestion for what to shop? "Our t-shirt bra with lace wings," she suggested. 

So whether you're the kind of woman who likes to mix-and-match, throws on whatever's clean, rocks a sports bra on-the-go or opts for a dainty set just 'cuz, try out a brand that's padded with confidence. It's guaranteed to be a good fit. 
1/10 The Ruby Racerback Pushup Micro & Lace - $42
2/10 Luxe Hipkini Botanical Lace - $14
3/10 Sweet T-Shirt Bra Micro & Lace - $40
4/10 Boyshort Lace & Micro - $12
5/10 Blushing Balconette Push-Up Botanical Lace - $44
6/10 Heartbreaker Luxe Brazillian Botanical Lace - $16
7/10 Freja Unlined Bra - $42
8/10 Jolie Laser Cut Cheekster Lace & Micro - $14
9/10 Bella Bralette - $24
10/10 Femme Thong Botanical Lace - $10

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