Got An Interview? Confidence Boosting Tricks You Can Find In Your Closet

You can find confidence for your big interview just by looking in your closet.

Job interviews are surefire way to bring on the nerves. Even when we’ve got our best smiles and outfits properly primed for the occasion, the pressure to ace the interview can make us feel the jitters. 

There's no substitute for knowing your stuff when it comes to interviewing, but how you dress can change your whole outlook on things. Dress to impress yourself and any hiring manager will notice your confidence. Whether your weapon of choice is a pair of heels,  a full blowout, or a nude nail polish color, feeling confident all begins with the preparation. 

Next time you’re interviewing for a new role, leave the angst and anxiety at the door. Try these 5 fashion and beauty tips that’ll have you feeling interview-ready in no time. 

A Blazer Is Always Appropriate 


When you dress the part, you feel more confident. This killer blazer looks like it came straight out of Devil Wears Prada, and will add the touch of professionalism your look needs and can never be too much. Is your prospective employer more casual? A blazer over a white tee and some jeans will be perfect. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Image: via Pinterest

When headed to an interview, be sure to leave early, and set aside extra time in case of delays, traffic jams and unexpected dilemmas. Unless that's your thing, probably best to leave the six-inch platforms at home. Instead, opt for a comfortable flat or low heel so if you have to rush, you're not risking your ankles for it. 

Focus On The Upper Half


We're not going to tell you do a full face of make-up because that's something that changes from person to person - a red lip might be one person's safety blanket and another person's nightmare. But one beauty bit we can almost all agree on are nails. Since you're going to be sat a table and using your hands to gesticulate, it's important to have well-manicured nails. Color choice is less important, as long as it's a solid color, but a nudey-pink will show less chips if you somehow manage to damage your paint work on the way to the meeting. 

Dresses Are A Fail Safe Non-Pairing


Granted, not everyone feels great in a dress, but it's definitely a foolproof way to look pulled together for the simple reason that you only need one piece to make your look work. A shirt dress is typically flattering for many figures and works in so many industries if paired with the right accessories. The lightweight material also means you'll feel super comfortable in what you're wearing, even if nerves bubbling up inside you. 

Have A Good Hair Day


Nothing feels better than a good hair day and, though it might not be feasible on the regular (we're only human), getting it right for D-day is within reach. A good blow dry with some serious bounce suits most hair types so either take your time before your interview to do it yourself or if budget allows, a trip to Dry Bar might be your best interview trick yet. 

Great - so you're ready for the interview. Now time to start planning your office desk organisation optimisation.