Three Ways To Rock Summer's Trickiest Makeup Trend

Channel the sun.

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What is summer's greatest pleasure, other than laying out on the beach and enjoying strawberries and burrata off the Italian coast? It's got to be busting out all our brightest colors, whether with eye-catching flora-and-fauna prints or the hottest shades of the sunset – but why let our clothes have all the fun, when our makeup could use a little saturating, too?

Enter summer's sunniest trend, currently making its rounds with celebrities and fashion bloggers alike: vibrant yellow eye makeup, ranging from a gentle wash over the lids to a sparkly, sultry cat-eye. If you're rolling your eyes in disbelief, we get it – shades of sunflower-bright makeup on the face feel more reminiscent of a Pikachu cosplay than a beauty look you'd actually want to try. But trust us when we say that there's a yellow for everyone, and the right hue is guaranteed to brighten up your complexion and play up your gorgeous peepers. 

If your skin is dark, or fair with cool undertones, opt for a brighter tone with a similar color profile. However, if you have tanned or olive skin, a warmer shade of yellow will cast more of a natural glow on your eyes. Just be sure to go natural with the rest of your makeup: glossy lips and gently flushed cheeks will pull the look together while keeping the spotlight on your lids.

Start with a bright, egg-yolk eyeshadow for an afternoon picnic, and end with some golden sparkle for that dimly lit jazz bar – no matter your summer shindig, these yellow eye makeup looks will have you outshining even the sun itself:

Egg Yolk Eyes


Get the look:
 Start off by applying an eyeshadow primer all over your lids – this will give the color longevity and help it retain its vibrance, even under the hot summer sun.
2. Using an eyeshadow brush (or your fingers), start patting the pigment on top. For a bold statement, work from the outer edge of your eyes in and continue layering the shadow until you get the intensity desired. But if you prefer a more subtle wash, pat a small amount of pigment in the center of your lids and gently blend it out with your fingers. 
3. Lightly trace beneath your eyes with a slight touch of yellow, or use a highlighter pen to add some subtle shimmer to your waterline.
4. Lay off the mascara (or, if you really need to, apply an extremely light coat). This will create a bright, fresh-faced look and help the eyeshadow stand out all the better.
MAC Chrome Yellow Eye Shadow - $16
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Pop Art Princess

Image: @juliakuzmenko on Instagram

Get the look:
 As always, start by applying primer all over your lids.
2. Using matte yellow liquid liner for a real cartoon-y finish, draw a wing on each lid, making sure the pigment is consistent (but don't worry too much about the shape of the tips, as you'll be going over them later). 
3. Once you're certain that the base coat is dry, take a black liquid liner and, with a steady hand, define the edges of each wing – top and bottom – with a medium stroke. 
4. To create the illusion of deeper-set eyes, brush a bronze eyeshadow just over your liner, blending the color up towards your browbone with a small buffing brush. Finish by defining your eyes with a coat of mascara.
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner - $20
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Gold Baby Gold

Image: @marianartistry on Instagram

Get the look:
 For this simple yet eye-catching beauty look, start off by – what else – prepping your lids with primer.
2. Taking a small amount of eyeshadow in a dusty rose, apply it all over your lids, buffing it up towards your browbone.
3. Using a gold liquid liner, trace your desired wing, and fill in the rest once you're content with the shape. If you want to intensify the pigment, you can even pat some gold-flecked powder on top. But if you're only going for a subtle flick of gold on the edge of your eyes, softly define the rest of your waterline with a pencil liner.
4. Finish the look off with a light coat of mascara.
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