These All-Natural Products Will Transform Your Skincare Routine

Don't dream about a product – create it yourself.

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You know that older sister you’ve always wanted – the one who always lets you borrow from her closet, who gives you advice about everything from relationship drama to college applications, who shows you how to maintain your poise through the awkward stages of life? Well, we’ve found her. Her name is Charlotte Ferguson-Quilter, and she’s doing what no older sister has ever done before: letting us raid the skincare collection of our dreams – her very own.
Ferguson-Quilter is a psychotherapist by trade, but also a skincare maven, entrepreneur and the founder of DISCIPLE – a made-in-London skincare brand that uses essential oils and plant extracts to create all-natural products for hormonal, break-out-prone skinThis British #GirlBoss spoke to Wheretoget about DISCIPLE’s unique approach to skincare and shared her pearls of grown-up wisdom with us — from how to apply makeup to blemished skin to advice for future female entrepreneurs looking to create something new.

DISCIPLE came about in a very personal way, after Ferguson-Quilter finally cracked the code to her own hormonal skin. “When my skin started breaking out a few years ago, I tried every acne skincare range but nothing really worked for me,” she told us. “It really started to get me down and affected my confidence. That’s when I started researching acne causes and different skincare ingredients, and gradually began clearing up my skin.” When her break out was at its worst, she was desperate to find a solution. “I thought to myself: if I can find something that works, I will use it forever. And that’s where the name DISCIPLE comes from – women are very loyal to products that work for them.”

Who wants products that are 60% or 70% active? Ours are 100%.
It was this very research that brought the classic DISCIPLE product to life: a potent combination of nutrient-dense base oils, clinical-grade essential oils, prebiotic plant extracts and various other skin-nourishing ingredients. A few of our editors put the Good Skin botanical oil and geranium floral water balancing mist to the test and were extremely pleased with the results. After a short week, our skin felt clearer and refreshed – and smelled (naturally) divine. These weren’t your standard oils-in-pretty-packages: DISCIPLE emphasizes a results-focused approach that informs the consumer exactly what they are placing on their skin. “Every single ingredient in our range has a purpose,” Ferguson-Quilter explained. “Pretty much every skincare brand uses cheaper base oils like grapeseed or almond, but we use nutrient-dense base oils that would be effective on their own, such as rosehip or cucumber seed.” As for their essential oils, DISCIPLE uses wild harvested plants that have not been redistilled and therefore contain higher levels of potent compounds. “[These ingredients] are more expensive, but who wants products that are 60% or 70% active? Ours are 100%.”

Luckily, embarking upon a skin treatment regime doesn’t mean we have to forgo makeup, and Ferguson-Quilter shared some of her tips for applying cosmetics to healing skin. “Oil-free products are great, only because the oils used in cosmetics generally aren’t acne-friendly. Don’t use foundation where you don’t need it. Make sure you’re using the right type of concealer – under-eye concealers tend to reflect light, which is not what you want! If you wear red lipstick, use one with a blue undertone to brighten the skin and detract from any redness.” Last but not least, don’t forget the sunscreen: “wearing a lightweight, high-factor SPF will stop sun damage and pigmentation [and] acne scarring.”

Ferguson-Quilter has taken a highly scientific approach to solving her (and her customers’) skincare conundrums, but she also acknowledges the mental and emotional shifts that need to take place in the way we reckon with our bodies. After all, our skin is never just skin: a sudden flare-up can erode our self-esteem, leaving us feeling painfully self-conscious and fearing judgment from others. “Personally, I found it empowering to work out the root cause of my skin issues. Once you look at your mind and body as one and begin to see where the issues might be coming from, you can begin a self-care project to heal your skin and build your confidence.” She also reminded us to keep our DGAF mojo intact when it comes to other people’s judgments, but to also realize that we are often our own worst critics: “people aren’t as judgmental about bad skin as you think they are – they don’t see what you see.”

But in the end, if we give this much importance to our skincare, it’s also because we’d like to find the products that work for us, then move on to more important endeavors. That’s what Ferguson-Quilter also envisions for DISCIPLE: “a community of women who essentially don’t have to worry about their skin because there are far more interesting things to be thinking about.” For those likeminded women who dream of starting their own *insert passion project here*, she has a few words of advice: “confidence in yourself and your product is key. Find a mentor – someone who can support and guide you. Groups like the WW Club are also great – you can bounce ideas off of other people and get valuable feedback.” She reminded us to stay the course when it comes to self-motivation. “It’s really important to keep yourself inspired. I have a mood board that reminds me of the original idea behind the brand and gets me excited again. Whatever your thing is, reignite your passion.”
So what future products does Ferguson-Quilter plan on gracing with the DISCIPLE touch? “Oh my god,” she enthused. “I have so many awesome products in my mind. Next will be an oil cleanser – I have a really lovely formula with kiwifruit and grapefruit oil.” She also wants to bring a bit of that Midas touch into the line-up: “I'm working on a balm with a subtle gold glow that can be used on the lips or as a highlighter.”

Whatever your thing is, reignite your passion.

For a woman who claimed that there are more interesting things to worry about than skin, Ferguson-Quilter does seem rather passionate about her work. But that’s the result of a journey that many of us also undergo, from stressing out about our skin to finding our holy grail products, to actually experiencing pleasure in pampering. After all, our skin represents an important nexus between our mental and physical well-being, and if we’re taking the time to care for our health, it comes out on the surface. For Ferguson-Quilter, this skincare-as-self-care mantra that underlies DISCIPLE seems to be a thoughtful extension of her knowledge as a psychotherapist, working with young adults experiencing anxiety. As for us, these products have transformed our stagnating skin routine. You could say we're converted.
Shop this selection of DISCIPLE skincare products with the exclusive 30% off discount code “WTG30” as well as Ferguson-Quilter’s favorite skincare and makeup picks:
DISCIPLE Balancing Mist - £6
DISCIPLE Bian Stone Acupressure Roller - £20
Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Cleansing Brush - $169
Eve Lom Rescue Mask - $50
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NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads - $13
Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation - $78
Bare Minerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 - $29.50
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer - $35

All photos courtesy of Charlotte Ferguson-Quilter, cover photo by Diana Liu.
You can follow DISCIPLE on their 
website or on Instagram @discipleskincare.
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