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The Best Fashion Moments By Selena Gomez

Trademark style for a trademark name.

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Next month, Selena Gomez will grace the cover of American Vogue for the first time ever in a colorful Michael Kors bralette and skirt co-ord, paired with oversized, gold hoop earrings that add an extra touch of springtime warmth to the already bright, cheerful look. The tagline reads "cool, candid and courageous" and, given the hefty, heartfelt interview that comes with the sun-drenched photoshoot, it seems there are no better words to describe her. 

In the interview, the singer and actress opened up about coping with mental health issues and taking time off social media. Despite all of her success, she understands the importance of self-care, and has been bold in sharing her experiences with her young fanbase so as to create a dialogue about mental health. Gomez knows the importance of keeping her mind, body and soul in check, and she's even taken care of her name, too.

It was reported that the star's production company has filed to trademark her name – not only for her own brand and official fan club, but it was implied that a jewelry line might be in the works, as well. There aren't any more details on what it could look like yet, but in the meantime we've decided to celebrate Gomez's return to the spotlight by taking a look at some of her best style moments. 

While Selena Gomez's personal taste isn't overly flashy or out there like some other pop stars, she is known for reworking classic looks and giving them a certain edge, like when she blazed a trail for the two-tone jeans trend. More often than not you'll see her wearing staple pieces in offbeat textures, like fuzzy tops and leather pants, generally in a paired-back palette of cool grays, creams and blues. Her sunglasses collection is enviable, but there's one accessory you'll never catch her without, her real trademark: those silky brunette locks. 

We've recreated some of Selena Gomez's best style moments to rock this spring:

1) Patent Pants - $59.99 2) Pebbled Tote Bag - $59.99 3) VICTORIA BECKHAM Layered Cat-Eye Sunglasses - $293 4)  JOSEPH Ribbed-knit turtleneck sweater - $395 5) Chrome Heel Pumps - $59

1) Miss Selfridge Cropped Sweatshirt - $26 2) Ouigal Jolene Mules - $230 3) Prada Women's Cinema Sunglasses - $353.60 4) Accordion Pleat PU Leather Skirt - 
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