The Trendiest Way To Put Your Best Foot Forward This Winter

Without risking frostbite.

Save your soles this party season by pairing your favorite heels with some sensible – but stylish – socks, so you can dance the night away without fear of frostbite. 

By now you’ll have found a way to wear your glad rags and wrap up without compromising on style, but there remains one problem: your strappy shoes. Tights are a great option, of course, but they're not practical for every outfit. What if you're wearing skin tight jeans with skyscraper heels? Enter: socks. 

We’ve long been advocates of the socks and sandals trend, so why not apply the same combo to your evening wear? 

If you take as much care picking out a pair of socks as you do your shoes, then you’ll easily be able to graduate from plain black pop socks to Pierre Mantoux’s rock n’ roll fringe detail designs, or Rihanna’s Holiday-appropriate fur-trimmed stockings.  

Have fun mixing and matching colors and details, pull your socks up with pride and party into the night.