Save, Spend, Splurge: Rihanna's Rhinestone-Encrusted Flask

BYOB everywhere this weekend.


This year's Grammys yielded some mega moments: like that bit when Adele snapped her Award for Album of the Year in two and shared it with Beyoncé after a teary-eyed speech about how much Lemonade empowers her and her friends. Or that bit when Beyoncé performed two tracks while heavily pregnant with twins, dressed in head-to-toe shimmer, complete with a gold crown befitting her moniker, Queen Bey. Or how about when Blue Ivy rolled up in a hot pink Gucci suit and become our new fashion icon? Some might argue that Beyoncé (and her spawn) absolutely stole the show, but we'd like to give a special mention to Rihanna's rhinestone-encrusted hip flask as the real winner. 

During proceedings, the singer casually whipped out a flask that we presume was filled with Hennessy, Cognac or some other nectar of the gods that only true R&B stars seem to drink. But where most people who've smuggled booze into a catered event might try to play-down their pocket hooch, Rihanna opted for a deeply unsubtle, sparkling flask. 

We love her gumption, and we love her style, so we're dedicating this week's Save, Spend, Splurge to three even less subtle flasks in this season's hottest shade of pink to sneak into whatever event you're attending this weekend (or simply to glam up your Vitamin Water):