Save, Spend, Splurge: Blake Lively's Plaid Suit

A lesson in power dressing.


We’ve seen a lot of impressive takes on the plaid trend recently: from Rihanna’s #girlboss Prince of Wales blazer dress to Cara Delevingne’s punk princess pants. But earlier this week when Blake Lively stepped out in a check suit, complete with coordinating overcoat, she schooled us all. 

Offsetting the warm gray of the fabric with royal purple accents – including an Annie Hall-style neck tie – Blake proved that wearing menswear doesn’t require overly feminine styling to remind people that you’re not actually a man. It also helps to keep people on their toes when you change your entire outfit seven times in one day, as Blake did on Monday while promoting her upcoming movie All I See Is You

Despite her frankly excessive on-the-road closet, it was the power plaid that really caught our eye. Unfortunately, not all of us have nearly $2000 (for the jacket alone), so we’ve rooted around and picked out some similar options at different price points so you can recreate Blake’s best press look for yourself, without breaking the bank.