Save, Spend, Splurge: Bella Hadid's Peak-'00s Scarf Top

Step aside, Queen Bey.


We know it’s nearly the end of summer, but there is still time to try out all the trends you haven’t yet worked up to, and Bella Hadid has just brought back a major one. With the influx of ‘00s styles making their way back into the spotlight, it was only a matter of time before someone made a case for the return of the scarf top. 

The style was most memorably immortalized by Destiny's Child-era Beyoncé when she styled her red paisley scarf top with a pair of Mariah Carey-inspired frayed-waist jeans (we’re still waiting for that denim look to come back). Everything about it was peak ‘00s. It was only logical that someone would bring it back, and who better than one of fashion's foremost supporters of the early aughts, Bella? She paired hers with some fittingly throwback pieces, but styled in fresh ways that made the outfit feel very 2017: the fanny pack slung over a shoulder, the high-waisted, distressed jeans, the diamond-shaped tinted shades… the iPhone 6. 

Before you have to wait an entire year to relive the glory days of the scarf top, we’ve picked out some styles at three different price points so you can pretend you’re one third of a badass pop group while the sun is still just about shining.