Save, Spend, Splurge: Bella Hadid's Badass Vest

The perfect finish to your street style look.


At the end of last year we asked ourselves: Gigi or Bella? Less than a month later, we have no doubt about it. We're Team Bella all the way. 

The younger Hadid sister has proved herself, time and again, to be the most daring of the pair when it comes to sartorial choices. Whether it’s a sheer two-piece NYE getup, or a flirty corset belt layered over a contrasting graphic tee, we’re taking notes. 

This week was no exception, when the style star stepped out on the streets of New York a few days ago rocking a badass ensemble comprised of pinstripes, sock boots, black letter slogans and a cute denim vest to pull the whole thing together. 

So, layer up your finest street wear and pull on your own Canadian waistcoat: here are three gilets to add to your closet at different price points, so you have no excuses.

'80s Vintage Embroidered Denim Vest - $33.00

Frame Denim Le Original Vest Butler - $150