Neutral Lovers Abstain: Red Eyeshadow Is Here

Upped to dramatic or toned down to a neutral.

When experimenting with a new trend, how out there is too out there? From extraordinarily bold outfits to headpieces and yes, even eye makeup, there are no rules that you can’t break when it comes to the fashion scene. 

While the sky’s the limit, let’s just say when it comes to what we wear on our faces, the last thing we’d want is looking like a walking disaster. We'll pass because Halloween just isn't year-round. Although vibrant colors can seem intimidating to wear, red can be upped to dramatic or toned down to a neutral depending on how you wear it.

Red eye makeup is a beauty trend that’s barely stepped into the spotlight. You may have seen celebrities like Lady Gaga pulling off the look at the SuperBowl or Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift wearing the trend on the red carpet, but the majority hasn't caught on just yet. 

Before the trend becomes overdone, we wanted to let you in on a few secrets. While red eye makeup can sound off-putting, the trick is blending and placement. A little red in the corner can go a long way, or go for the all over lid look but blend it to a sheer layer. 

For inspirational purposes, we’ve compiled a couple of our favorite looks below. Red eye makeup that’s aesthetically-pleasing to look at and that’s wearable is indeed a possible combination.

Image: imaxtree

Image: Sam Bisso