The Pasta Files: The Sexy Conclusion

After a week's worth of experimenting, the results are heating up.

This article is part of an ongoing series at Wheretoget called The Pasta Files. Read all about the recipe we tested and the sixth experiment from one of our Wheretoget editors, as part of a week-long installment of accounts that will be released over the next few days. 

What gets a bunch of fashion editors excited about cooking and carbs? The promise of some activity outside of the kitchen. That’s right, there's a recipe that [allegedly] not only tastes good, but has the one and only aftertaste a person could look forward to. When we got word of a penne vodka that could, at first bite, send the pants right off of the lucky person you serve it to, we thought this would be the moment for an experiment. Our realm of expertise lies more in the area of lingerie and little black dresses, but this recipe got us wanting to slip outside of comfort zones and into something a little more saucy. 

Effectiveness of recipe: A+
Quality of experience:  XXX
Taste Rating (Scale of 1 - 10): 7
Reflection: I’d like to start off by telling you that my boyfriend is Italian. Like, raised-in-the-south-of-Italy-and-thinks-pasta-is-a-food-group Italian. 

He has very high standards for his customary cuisine and is quite a good cook himself. That said, even as an American, I can make a mean pasta dish. The night of the dinner, my boyfriend was surprised that I was cooking because he gets home from work after midnight and I'm not usually in the kitchen at that time. 

The pasta turned out great but what happened after was even better. 

Without over-sharing, the pasta did "work," but I think the results would have been the same if I'd served him a plate of steamed spinach. Or some stale crackers. My boyfriend has a big appetite in more ways than one (if you know what I mean). For this reason, I don't think the pasta was the direct cause for him feeling arrapato but it definitely didn't get in the way, either. 

To be honest, I was so full after eating the pasta that all I really wanted to do was watch T.V. and slip into a food-coma. But in the spirit of the experiment, and with my well-(soon-to-be-un)dressed, Italian subject ready to go, I just couldn't resist. 

Regardless, as long as your partner doesn’t always expect you to make the meals, I think they'll appreciate it when you put extra effort into the relationship and I would recommend trying it. 

Buon appetito!