11 Parisian Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Just in time for Paris Fashion Week.

As a Paris-based magazine, Wheretoget is blessed to be located in the heart of one of the world's biggest fashion capitals. Not only are we inspired by the way people dress, we are constantly tempted to shop. Many of the brands bringing us the best in design are Parisian labels, introducing a certain je ne sais quoi that translate the city's magic into clothes. You may not even know they exist, but you should. 

As many hit the streets of Paris for Fashion Week, we're here to put these labels on your radar. Whether you're in Paris for the shows and can stock up before heading home, or you're admiring from afar, learn about our favorite labels that make us feel lucky to live here, even if they make our wallets a bit lighter. 
Girls in Paris
An effortlessy sexy brand for lingerie.
This is the first French brand to function entirely online, bringing you clothes that are original and extremely well tailored.
Chichi Castelnango
Can you ever have too much lingerie? This is a brand designed for independent, confident women that evolves with our own understanding of our bodies.
Macon & Lesquoy
This is an accessories collection all about telling stories through off-the-wall pieces that ensure your look will be unique. 
Une fille
The embodiment of the real Parisian girl, this brand combines modernity with timelessness for a look inspired music and art.
This brand was founded in 1827 and is all about making the fan the must-have accessory again.
When a brand has an exclusive collab with Paris' famous Colette, you know you have to check it out. From basics like t shirts and sweats, no/one has got you covered.
Be Parisian
Be Parisian is all about glamorizing the city's lifestyle in all it's form. They proudly manufacture everything in France.
Check out Fauvette for chic accessories that scream style, but subtly.
This is the collection of influencer Jeanne Damas, who wanted to reinterpret the iconic pieces you find in any Parisian woman's wardrobe.
Yasmine Eslami
This lingerie is designed to be sleek and modern, working with your form to make you feel comfortable and sexy.

Cover image: Be-parisian.fr