Paris Street Style: Hot Pink In A City Of Neutrals

A young designer who's an old Seoul.

Every week, we take to the streets of Paris to photograph and chat with the women and men whose sartorial instincts we’d love to steal. Meet the people who are turning the Parisian sidewalks into runways – and find out everything you need to get their look.

Sometimes it only takes one thing to make us do a double take. A coat clinched in just the right way, a piece of unique headgear, a winsome smile. As we were strolling down Rue des Archives on a sunny afternoon, it was a pair of vibrant magenta sweatpants, striding quickly away from us on the other side of the street. So we did what any normal person would do: run across the road to get a better look.

And good thing we did, or else we wouldn't have met the vintage-loving old-soul, Suyoung, who moved from Korea to France to study fashion. We loved how her outfit was a collection of idiosyncratic elements that came together to form a pretty funky whole. With such a selection of comfortable fabrics it can be easy to fall into frumpiness, but Suyoung transformed her loungewear into streetwear with luxe fabrics such as velvet – not to mention the touch of pink sparkle on her socks. And that lovely blue jacket with the slightly frayed edges? Her own design. Thank you Suyoung for your boldness, for your smile and for a Paris street style that is in no way traditionally Parisian.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Suyoung, I'm from South Korea and I'm studying fashion design here in Paris.

Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?
It's spring, so I wanted to incorporate a mixture of bright colors. I also really like this type of old-style vintage.

How would you describe your personal style?
It's always different. It really depends on my emotions – and the weather! When the weather is gloomy I might wear something very simple in all black. But in general, I'd say that I mix Asian and European clothing styles.

Are you wearing any pieces or accessories that are of special significance or that carry a story behind it?
My dad got me this sweater from Isabel Marant for my birthday, and I made this jacket myself when I was working at a Korean company. And my silver bracelet: my sister and I got matching ones before I came to Paris because I was moving here all by myself. 

Where did you get your outfit?
The sweater is Isabel Marant, the jacket is my own design, the hat is from a vintage shop in Paris, the pants and shoes are Zara, the socks are a Japanese brand and the bracelets are from Korea and a boutique in Deauville, France.

What fashion trend are you most excited to try this spring?
I'm excited to mix relaxed loungewear with going-out clothes.

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All photos by Diana Liu.