Paris Street Style: Model Off Duty

Cool-girl comfort and Gigi shades.

Every week, we take to the streets of Paris to photograph and chat with the women and men whose sartorial instincts we’d love to steal. Meet the people who are turning the Parisian sidewalks into runways – and find out everything you need to get their look.

When you're in Paris, every street is a runway, whether it's Fashion Week or not. We spotted Stefania on the opposite end of a crosswalk, headphones in and lowkey catwalk stride on full display as she made her way towards Palais Royal on a leisurely afternoon stroll. It was her Gigi-approved yellow-tinted sunnies that first caught our eye – a splash of summer-y color that popped against her ensemble. Although the outfit was mostly black, as opposed to the colorful prints we typically expect for the season, Stefania made it work with subtle details: the sheer material of her t-shirt, the raw edges of her denim cut-offs and the mixed sports brands at her feet. This is cool-girl comfort at its finest – well, she is an off-duty model, so we wouldn't have expected anything less.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Stefania, I'm from Madrid, and I'm a model and an actress.

Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?
Because I feel comfortable in this – it's a good outfit for taking a long walk in! There's a Parisian edge to it, because the long-sleeved top tied around my waist has a Paris logo and says "Je Ne Regrette Rien" on the sleeve. Everytime I'm in Paris I feel so inspired. I love French culture, French film – and I'm currently learning French!

How would you describe your personal style?
I don't really have a set style, it depends on my mood. Some days I'll wear princess dresses, other days I'll dress very sporty. But in general it's a bit techno, Flashdance-inspired – because of the hair – and yellow, I love this color.

Are you wearing any pieces or accessories that are of special significance or that carry a story behind it?
Not today!

Where did you get your outfit?

The sunglasses are from a vintage shop in Paris, the shirts are from Urban Outfitters, the shorts are Levi's, the bag is Zara and the shoes are Adidas.

Shop Stefania's look with the pieces we put together below:
Urban Outfitters Project Social T Textured-Knit V-Neck Tee - $34
Urban Outfitters Truly Madly Deeply Around The World Crew-Neck Sweatshirt - $59
Urban Outfitters Far Out Translucent Metal Aviator Sunglasses - $16
Forever 21 Plus Size Frayed Denim Shorts - $20
Zara Mini Embroidered Velvet Backpack - $40
Adidas Edge Luxe Shoes - $85
Nike Dri-FIT Low Cut Socks - $22

All photos by Diana Liu.