5 Non-Sticky Glosses for Girls With Long Hair

Hair in gloss is a first world problem of the past.

This spring, we’re turning in our matte colors and opting for a touch of sheen. Lip gloss is a beauty staple for low maintenance girls everywhere, which the absolute essential qualities being ease of application, longevity and non-stickiness. 
That last one being super important if you're a long haired beauty - we understand the struggle of having a strand of hair stuck in your lip gloss. So we set out to make finding that Holy Grail gloss a little easier. 

It all comes down to finding the right formula. Whether you’re rocking a high ponytail or wearing your luscious locks down, our picks will leave you with a sultry finish while your new ‘do is still intact. If you’re feeling bold or going for an office-neutral, choose from our selection below to inspire your next look.