These Are The New Years Resolutions That'll Actually Make A Difference

No more residual gym guilt.


What a year it’s been. In the final stretch of exams, work projects and the last minute scramble for presents, these twelve tumultuous months has us itching for that final countdown – the moment we can put all coulda, woulda, shouldas behind us and begin the new year with a fresh start. We all know the drill by now: start going to the gym, eat more fruits and vegetables and remove that damn makeup before bed (yes, mom).

Personal goals are always worthwhile, but what about the bigger picture? If 2016 has taught us one thing, it’s that real change takes real action: thoughtful activism, peaceful protest and personal commitment. How can our resolutions take us further not only as individuals, but as neighbors living side-by-side in a global community? 

Here are 9 New Year's resolutions to take charge of the world around you and give you and your community more bounce for the (proverbial) ounce:

1. Incorporate ethical and sustainable style into your wardrobe. Kill two birds with one stone by buying beautifully designed pieces that’ll boost your wardrobe while contributing to the lives of workers and their communities. And think sustainable by shopping secondhand, re-styling your old clothes or washing your garments at a lower temperature.

2. Contribute to the needs of those without a home. While we take "Home for the Holidays" for granted, millions of people have been torn away from their homes by war and religious persecution. You can help provide for the daily needs of refugees by donating to or volunteering for trusted organizations (IRCDoctors Without BordersSave the Childrenand more) working on the ground in Syria and in various port cities in Europe. And don’t forget about the needs of those in your own community: working with local organizations to donate food and clothing, serve hot meals and simply get to know the people in your city can go a long way.


3. Get your budget on. In order to give, it always helps to, you know, have money. Budgeting is super beneficial for obvious reasons (like investing in this model-approved It-bag), but also because having a bit of extra cash means we can give back, too. If you’re a total budgeting beginner, no fear: these clear guides can help you get started, and you can even download budgeting apps that’ll walk you through the process and log your expenses for you.

4. Be more open and understanding towards people who don’t agree with you. Brexit and the American elections have shown us how different peoples' opinions and experiences can be. Instead of fighting with people who think differently from you, how about trying to understand why? Ask questions and listen carefully. Engage in respectful dialogue with a Trump supporter (or the other way around). This doesn’t only apply to political issues – maybe you have a friend who doesn't share your passion for dumplings, or glittery socks. 


5. Educate yourself about politics and current events. With many countries electing or preparing to elect new leadership, now is the time to brush up. Read up on what’s going on around you and make your voice count. Whether it’s through protesting, contacting your local representatives, creating shareable statements, giving to an important cause or voting, you have the power to enact change for the better.

6. Spend more time with your family. Sometimes we get so caught up in changing the world, we forget about those closest to us. Of course, being with our families can be difficult at times (hence the free-flowing alcohol during the Holidays). It’s worth reminding ourselves that good things rarely come easy, and that if there’s anything worth fighting for, it’s love – yes, for our families too, haven't you ever seen Frozen? If, like many of us at WTG, you live far from your family, make an effort to connect regularly with them. Call, text, send pictures and videos, anything that shows that you’re thinking of them and that you care for them despite the distance.


7. Commit to a hobby or passion. Maybe you always wanted to try photography but were too timid to go out and shoot. Whatever it is, make it happen this year! Whether it’s trying something new or revisiting a long-time passion, commit to learning and growing with it. 

8. Prioritize holistic well-being. It’s not about forcing yourself into gym clothes five days a week. Instead, what would it look like if you were intentional about doing things that made you feel good in your mind, body and soul? Sleeping more, drinking more water, participating in a fun physical activity and taking time for self-care may seem negligible compared to other, loftier goals, but remember: you can only build up from a solid foundation.

9. Whatever it is, take action. From evolution in the Black Lives Matter movement to progress in the types of women represented in the fashion industry, WTG has covered a fair amount of uprisings this past year. Let this be a sign for us all: you don’t need to wait till the new year to start. If there are things that you want to see in our world and in your life, set goals and start working towards them today. Challenge boundaries, and persist in making your vision become reality. 

Look out, 2017 - we’re coming for ya.

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