It's Time To Remove That Marbled Polish And Try These Chic Nail Art Styles For Fall

Nail that office look.

From the hundreds of unread emails to the calendar notifications popping up every five seconds, going back to work after a relaxing (or not) summer break can be a real drag. We recommend you distract yourself from the keyboard with some sophisticated nail art looks that are totally office-appropriate but not at all drab.

It might be sad to say goodbye to that marbled polish you've been rocking all summer, but fall brings with it a host of fun and stylish nail art alternatives that might surprise you. The criteria: they have to be suitable for work (XXL falsies go back in the box), I.E. subtle enough that your boss won't think you've spent more time on your manicure than your market report, but still cute enough to keep your crown as queen of the office fashion hierarchy. 

We're in the mood for some cute half-moon cuticles (the nights are getting longer after all), pastels with pep, mother-of-dragons pearl finishes, light metal embellishments and more. Aside from your nail polish, you'll find all the tools you need in the office supply cupboard to complete the look: scissors, masking tape (post-its work well, too) and those circular self-adhesive reinforcement stickers for punched holes work wonders for creating crescents and polka dots. 

Check out our selection of easy, must-try nail art for the ultimate office-approved fall mani:

The Half-moon Mani Goes Graphic


Get the look:
1. Take three colors of your choice, ideally two light shades and one bolder color.
2. Place masking tape or the sticky part of a post-it over half your nail and paint the other half with one of the light shades. Leave to dry.
3. Remove the tape/post-it gently, turn it around so it covers the other (painted) half of the nail, then use the second light shade to paint over the rest of the nail. Leave to dry.
4. Cut the hole reinforcement sticker in half and place over the base of your nail, so a "half moon" shape is formed at the nail bed. Apply your last, boldest color into the moon, and leave to dry before removing the sticker slowly.

Perk Up Pastel With A Silver Tip

Image: via Twitter

Get the look:
1. Use two cute pastel colors and one metallic shade such as silver.
2. With your masking tape, cover the nail, leaving one third exposed at the base. Color with your primary pastel. Leave to dry before removing tape.
3. Cover the painted section with masking tape, then also cover the top half of the nail, leaving a thin strip of nail in the center exposed. Paint with secondary pastel. Leave to dry.
4. Remove tape, then use to cover the painted sections. Use your metallic polish on the top half of the nail. Leave to dry entirely then finish with a light transparent top coat over the whole nail to give a uniform shine.

A Dose of Opaline

Image: via Pinterest

Get the look:
Note: You could use falsies for this, but we prefer the real deal! Plus, it's such a simple look there really are no excuses not to DIY.
1. Apply an iridescent or chrome nail polish like the KBShimmer Shade Shifter Multi Chrome Nail Polish.
2. Finish with a transparent top coat or, if your polish isn't pearly enough for you, one like Revlon's Holographic Pearls. Done!

Hello Hombres, Check Out My Ombres!

Get the look:
1. This one's all about timing. Choose your two pastel polish shades, ensuring they're not polar opposites (try baby blue with lavender, for example, or pale pink and cream). Have a transparent top coat to hand whose brush you don't mind staining.
2. Apply a generous blob of the first shade along the base of your nails, then another blob of the second mid-way up the nail.
3. Quickly take the top coat, remove excess product from the brush, then sweep the brush from the bottom to the tip of the nail, pulling the color along with it. 
4. Then use the other (clean) side of the brush to sweep up the nail again in order to smooth out the colors. Repeat if necessary for a natural color gradation.

Know Where To Draw The Line

Image: via Tumblr
Get the look:
1. Who's the boss? You're the boss! These discreet metallic lines show a creative side while also reminding everyone you're not to be messed with. Stay behind the line, please, and start with a pale, or even transparent, coat of polish and let dry.
2. Take two pieces of your trusty masking tape (or post-it) and cover the nail so that only a thin band is exposed in the center.
3. Use a nail polish like Essie's No Place Like Chrome and apply over the line. Leave to dry, remove tape, et voilà.
Tip: alternatively, apply a pre-cut strip of metallic or colored striping tape for a perfectly straight line. 

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Cover image: via Twitter