This Is Just What Your Little Black Dress Was Missing

Make a simple statement.


The Holiday season is in full swing, which can only mean one thing: parties, parties, part-ays. But with such a busy schedule of work functions, family soirees, school friend reunions and, let’s not forget, New Year’s Eve, it can become tiring to dress to impress so often. 

This year, take elements from both extremes of your closet by combining your understated little black dress with a show-stopping statement necklace for an evening look that is simple and sophisticated. 

A stylish LBD is a closet staple. With next to no accessories, it will give you sass and confidence at any event from the sheer simplicity of the cut. Rock it with different statement necklaces to different events for a whole season's worth of dazzling party looks. 

Here are 8 pairings of little black dresses and statement necklaces to make an impression in this season: