Paris Street Style: A Statement Print For A Gray Day

Old Hollywood meets modern Paris.

Every week, we take to the streets of Paris to photograph and chat with the women and men whose sartorial instincts we’d love to steal. Meet the people who are turning the Parisian sidewalks into runways – and find out everything you need to get their look.

It was business as usual on the Rue Saint Honoré, a wealthy street in central Paris known for its luxury boutiques, its proximity to the Tuileries Gardens and KenGi's favorite burgers. We were passing by Colette, a concept store whose cult-like status attracts fashionable jet-setters from all over the world, where we bumped into Whitney. 

As it turns out, Whitney was neither a blogger nor a designer – but her outfit could have fooled us. Her leopard-print coat was obviously the centerpiece of the look, but as we chatted with her, we noticed all the other details: the embroidered doves on her shoulder bag, the crystal earrings peeking out from underneath her afro – even her eyebrows were fleeked-out. Of all the industry insiders on the street, her outfit was the crème de la crème: somewhere between the glamour of Old Hollywood and the simplicity of French-girl favorite, Sézane, while still being practical for a busy weekday.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Whitney, I'm from Paris and I work as a salesperson in an upscale shoe boutique.

Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?
The weather isn't very nice, as it had been on previously [this week], so I wore this coat to keep warm.

How would you describe your personal style?
It depends a lot on my job, but I would say that it's a mix between modern and vintage. I also try to match my clothes with my hairstyle. Outside of my job... well, I've been working a lot these days!

What fashion trend are you most excited to try this spring?
I'd like to wear more tropical prints and incorporate more embroidered details... like what I have on my bag.

Where did you get your outfit?
The coat and bag are both from Stradivarius, the black dress underneath was a gift from my mom, the boots are from New Look and the earrings are from AliExpress.

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All photos by Diana Liu.