This Is The Striking New Trend That's About To Take Over Your Insta Feed

It rocks.

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For any geography geeks out there, the word geode will conjure up images of crystalized rocks in various shades of delectable colors. But some very creative people out there are taking these shapes, textures and tones and applying them to everything imaginable. We started to spot the style on the Givenchy runway last September, where the collection was themed around the earthy tones of layered rock formations and many of the models sported oversized cross sections of precious rocks as pendants. It kicked off one of our favorite fall jewelry trends, and now it seems like druzy, geode-inspired makeup is taking off, too. 

We can't get enough of these high-impact, Insta-ready beauty looks that are translatable everywhere, from hairstyles to nail art. While we're sure a crystal-encrusted lip would be unreal for a night out, working it into a daytime look is certainly going to be more of a challenge. But for a trend as rad as this one, we're willing to give anything a go. 
Check out 3 ways to incorporate some geode crystal magic into your life: 

Image: via @hairbymuriel on Instagram

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of colored hair trends, from pastel shades to balayage, but this latest look is by far the most striking. The geode effect takes inspiration from the rock it was named after: beneath your natural hair shade, an earthy rainbow of colors are hidden. From amethyst to sapphire, every crystal (or, in this case, hair) has its own bold tone, each as mesmerizing as the next. It's a surprisingly simple hairstyle to work into your day-to-day life as it doesn't require a full dye job, and the colorful layers are entirely hidden when your hair is down. If you do decide to rock this look, don't forget about the aftercare. To keep your bright jewel tones from fading into lacklustre pastels, be sure to use color-specific shampoos and conditioners, as well as special products to protect it from the sun.

Image: via @beyou.byjoh on Instagram

This textured beauty trend is definitely for the more daring among us: to get the geode lip, you need to encrust your mouth with crystals and seal it all in a heavy, metallic liner in a contrasting color for that luxurious rock effect. While it makes for serious lip statement, this makeup has got to be high maintenance in real life: eating, kissing and possibly even talking has got to be out of the question, lest your lip jewels drop off. If you are planning on adopting this style for spring, be prepared for touch ups. If you’re not quite ready to brave the full effect, scale down the wow-factor by applying 3D color to your lips paired with a coordinating geode manicure for a similarly striking style. 


Getting a geode manicure is undoubtedly the most viable way to jump on the this trend train. You’ll need a steady hand if you plan to DIY but the final result of these nails is certainly worth the hours it will take to achieve them. Get creative with your color scheme, try matching to your birthstone or choosing a different precious gem depending on the month. Unlike the half head of hair dye, this tactic is totally non-committal, and if you end up getting bored of it, its easy to change it up. Take note that mixing matte polishes with metallics creates a seriously dynamic finish. 
Here is everything you need to get the geode look from head to toe: 
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