5 Worry-Free Tips For Wearing A White Bikini

Are you ready to take a fashion risk?

Image: via Wheretoget

With summer still months away, we're already dreaming of martinis and sunbathing poolside. Whether packing essentials for a jacuzzi get-together or the ocean for some beach mist, your grab bag must contain two items this summer: sunblock and a white swimsuit

Pulling it off can seem like a daunting task, but with some extra consideration, you could be wearing one too this summer. We've compiled a five step guide to mastering the look. 

As far as we're concerned, white swimsuits are here to stay so are you ready to take a fashion risk? 

If you're worried about everything going see-through:

Probably the biggest fear when wearing white to pool is the "white t-shirt effect". No one wants to pop out the sea and have everything on show. Since white is notorious for going translucent when wet, try a thicker woven fabric. Crochet is so on-trend right now and will help you keep your modesty. 

White Crochet Bikini 

If all white everything is too much, too soon:

If you're not ready to go all-out white, how about a white-based print? You'll still feel like you're working the trend while remaining well within your comfort zone. 

Floral Cheeky Bikini

If you're worried white will make your hips look wide:

Many are scared of white because it isn't the most slimming of colors. It's understandable too; looking larger than you are is the last thing you want on the beach. To combat that, opt for a pair of bikini bottoms with a side-tie details - they're universally flattering. 

Love Trip Lace Bikini 

If you're concerned with revealing too much:

We believe that all bodies are beautiful, but if you're body-conscious, why not try a one-piece for a less revealing look? One-pieces have gone from being grandma to glam of late, so you'll find plenty to choose from. 

Yacht Life Swimsuit  

If you're worried you're too pale to pull it off:

White on super pale skin can be tricky to pull off, so if you're concerned, a light layer of sunless tanner can work wonders for you and make the white pop against your skin. Plus, you're not putting yourself in danger by over-exposing your body to the sun's harmful rays. 

Still not beach ready? We also have a guide for plus-sized beach options and our favorite one pieces of the season if you still haven't found your summer swimsuit.