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How To Twin With Your Best Friend When Your Best Friend Is A Dog

Eat your heart out, Elle Woods.

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From KenGi’s matching summer outfits to fashion bloggers who built an empire off of their pitch-perfect outfit coordination, we all know by now that friends who twin together stay together. But while we’re busy pooling our wardrobes with our girlfriends to attain our satorial #squadgoals, let’s not neglect woman’s best friend, loyal jogging partner, shoe-chewer and all-around angel: our pet dogs. 

We know what you’re thinking: it’s a cute idea, but won’t twinning with my dog turn me into some public spectacle that strangers sneak into their Insta-story? While we cannot save you from the zoom, twinning with our furry BFFs is a style statement of the highest order. Fashion icons such as Elle Woods and Bruiser showed us all that fashionable ensembles are not limited to the human species, and our favorite socialite Paris Hilton made twinning with her family of Pomeranians and teacup Chihuahuas into its own adorably-kitsch art form.
Want to share the shopping love by pampering your pooch and yourself with some brand-spanking-new, matching outfits? If your dog isn’t used to rocking anything other than a swagged-out collar, you’ll need to acclimate them to the experience. Start with a piece of simple, easy-to-fasten clothing, and teach your dog to react positively to it by rewarding them for looking at, interacting with and wearing the clothes. You can even initiate fun activities (tug-of-war, tricks, eating food out of a treat ball) so that they associate wearing clothes with playtime. Proceed slowly and provide rewards for remaining calm in the clothes, always paying attention to your dog’s mood – the goal is to make it an enjoyable experience for the both of you. 
Got your pup trained and ready? It’s time for you to put on your matching outfits and dethrone Gigi and Zayn as the world’s cutest coordinating couple. Whether you and your dog are more into colorblocking, floral prints or French-girl stripes, you’ll both be dressed to the ca-nines with these stylish ensembles:
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