How To Pack For The Holiday Weekend

Without over-estimating your load.

Image: via on Instagram

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, what with all the present-buying and party-going mixed into your usual schedule of work and play. One thing to add to all that stress is packing for the Holiday weekend. 

First thing’s first: refresh your memory of our fool-proof packing formula to get you in the right mindset for calculated decision-making. A major factor of your Christmas bag is presents (both the ones you bring and the ones you take), so here are our tips on getting it right without over- or under-anticipating how much you’ll need. 

If you’re travelling to your family or friends’ place for just one night over the Holidays, our guess is you’re in it for one day of pure relaxation. So don’t waste precious space on actual clothes: rock up in some classy PJs and a cozy sweater and keep it on for the full 24-hour period. Our tip for short trips is to bring your presents in a separate tote bag so you can stash it in your backpack on the way home. Oh, and bring your own personal power supply to avoid the battle of the plug socket with your cousin/sibling/grandma. 
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We can only assume you’re on a mission to party with your old school friends if you’re back home for a couple of nights. Pick a pair of statement jeans that you can both dress up for the evening and pair with cringe Christmas gear come the 25th, and pack everything in a classy leather tote that will look just as good tucked under your bar stool.
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Follow the “capsule closet” rule of our summer packing guide and you’ll be able to seamlessly go from long train ride, to nightclub with your squad, to luxury loungewear to ease your hangover the next day. Velvet is your best friend this time of year: it’s soft, warm, shimmery and stretchy (allowing for endless feasting). Throw it all into an airline-approved holdall, but don’t forget to bring a cute clutch for evening activity, too. 
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