Your Answer To Unwanted Pre-Prom Pimples

Cinderella will go to the ball.

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Holy guacamole! As if you’re not stressed enough as it is, now Mother Nature has given you a pimple the day before prom. Don’t worry, all is not lost and you shall still go to the ball, Cinderella. All you need to do is follow our clever steps to minimizing the appearance of that wretched throbbing bulb on your chin and you’ll be back to feeling your confident self in three clicks of a glass slipper. 
First, you need to stop stressing. Pimples can be caused by stress and you don’t want another one. Second, clear your schedule. Our method means no makeup, and frequent attention, which is not ideal if you’ve booked a pre-prom lunch with the girls. 
Once you’ve got your face sparkling-clean and makeup-free you’re ready to proceed with your plan of action:


Before you do anything with that blasted pimple, you need to be sure your hands are clean. There’s no point in trying to reduce the appearance of your spot and rid it of the bacteria under your skin if you only transfer more of it onto your face through your fingers. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching a pimple. On that note, only touch it when absolutely necessary! Don’t prod at it or poke it, as this will only aggravate the situation more. Give yourself a gentle facial scrub with an acne-focused product, lightly tracing the spot in circular motions – you only want to treat new skin, so ridding the area of any dead flakes first will help to speed up the process. Remember to splash your face with cold water after scrubbing to close your pores, and finish with a generous all-over wipe with a tea tree oil or witch hazel-based toner. Throughout the rest of the day, be sure to eat clean and drink plenty of water, too.


After leaving your face to breathe for at least 30 minutes, you can apply a topical cream of your choice. Be sure it is pimple-specific and always read the instructions first. Some creams require you to leave the product on, while others claim that rubbing in just a small amount will do the job. These lotions and potions have mystical active ingredients that help to shrink spot size, reduce redness and even speed up forming a nice juicy white head. Apply as often as directed for the rest of the day and, we cannot stress this enough, don’t touch your face!

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It is often ill-advised to squeeze a spot as it may cause minor scarring that can take a few weeks to disappear fully, as well as opening up the skin to more bacteria. However, it is possible to squeeze that oozey baby without adverse side effects if you do it right. Rule number one: never squeeze a pimple that isn’t ready to pop. You’ll know it’s time if your pimple has formed a visible white head. This is the result of your skin trying to get rid of the bacteria that first caused the offending blemish by pushing it out. Thanks in part to your topical cream, you should be ready to nudge those nasty germs out but if there’s no white head yet, you’ll have to wait it out until morning for this step.
With clean hands, place a cotton disc either side of the spot and squeeze gently. As the fluid comes out, let the cotton soak it up so it doesn’t touch any other part of your face, and then throw them out immediately. Wash your face with your regular cleanser and a final wipe with that medicated toner you used earlier. 


Now your pimple is shot of most of the bacteria, you can do a final application of your topical cream before bed. Avoid moisturizers or any night creams you would normally apply to your face so the skin can do its thing – your body heals itself fastest while you’re asleep, so by morning your face should be ready for its close-up.
Here are all the products you’ll need for getting rid of that pimple once and for all:
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