Gucci's Latest Ad Campaign Is Sure To Go Viral

I can haz Gucci?

Call him an executive, or a designer. Call him a lover of stuffy hunting estates and gold lamé. But, whatever you do, you can’t call Gucci’s Alessandro Michele dull. The renaissance man's latest, meme-centric ad campaign for the brand has us scratching our heads with delight. 
One look at Michele, and it’s clear why he’s the man behind Gucci’s new golden age: with a penchant for head-to-toe embroidery, sequins and a Caravaggio gaze, we imagine him dwelling on the same wavelength as a medieval alchemist (with a really good tailor), descending only to moonlight as the luxury brand’s creative director. Under his wing, the beloved fashion house has taken a successful turn towards Dandy-ism and the lushly esoteric, at once encouraging our appetite for the antique while still managing to stay plugged-in to the millennial set. Case in point: the combined men’s and women’s FW17 collection, in which we saw Rimbaud collars paired with athletic headbands, and heard A$AP Rocky reading extracts from Jane Austen over the speakers; it was parasols, rhinestones and UFO motifs. 

Why? Because Gucci’s elegance is self-aware, and so brings with it a kick of tongue-in-cheek. Most recently, the fruits of that branding include a series of Instagram memes featuring the brand’s watches and a self-induced hashtag, #TFWGucci (That Feeling When Gucci).“The word ‘meme’ was coined by the British biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976 to mean an ‘imitated thing,’” reads Gucci’s official website, “for Dawkins, the word referred to pieces of language and culture that were transmitted across time and space, but the Internet has carried that idea of transmission to its extreme. Memes — images or animated GIFs, often with text splashed across them — are the common currency of social media, passed from user to user millions of times a day.”

Together, the ad’s contributors are made up of a supergroup of meme-ers: you’ll find contributions from everyone from @beigecardigan to @cabbagecatmemes@gothshakira – whose bio reads, “tough double aquarian latinx learns to love herself through memecraft” – to German design collective @decorhardcore – whose aesthetic pushes the irreverence of an ‘80s condominium and the vibe of every David Lynch set, like, ever. 

“…My work is about sharing… it’s really about that contradiction between the past and the future,” Michele explained to The New York Times, of his creative process a few years ago. “[My inspiration comes from] photography, images from a movie, old paintings… it’s not work, it’s my life.”  
We can dig it. But we do have one question: I can haz Gucci? 

Check out our favorite memes from the campaign and scroll down to shop our selection of juicy Gucci watches – plus some cheaper alternatives – below:

#TFWGucci German artist collective @decorhardcore, born out of a desire to collect and curate strange pictures of furniture, is a creative endeavor run by magpie documentarians. Founder Ksenia Shestakovski and her collaborators make art that renders fantasy tangible, with starkly lit images of seemingly mundane artifacts like hotel beds, antique lamps, and elaborate doilies. The collective’s #TFWGucci pictures, haunting and memorable, are reminiscent of commercial furniture store catalogues: every vivid color and sharp corner oozes frenetic anticipation. @Beigecardigan turns the images into memes that reflect on the fashion world, where supposed ugliness can often become beauty. - Text by @helenh0lmes Discover more through link in bio.

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