Thank Us Later For This Quirky Gift Guide

Happiness this way.

September is a key time of the year for gift-giving: from siblings going back to school to friends starting new jobs or moving to new places, there are multiple occasions on which you can treat your loved ones. At a loss for what to get them? That's where we come in. Everyone has a speciality, and you'll be glad to hear that selecting unexpected, thoughtful presents is ours.   

Mum in a DIY mood? Cousin's birthday? BFF already obsessed with her Halloween costume? It's all in here. Scroll down and thank us later. 

For Your Boss's Birthday — Queen Of Minimalism 
Lila Rice Small Deco Hoops - $88

For Your Sister And Her BFF Who Share Their College Dorm
Vase Pink & Yellow - $30

For Your Nephew Who Likes To Have A Homemade Snack 
Souvenir Thank You Lunch Bag - $14

For Your Aunt Who Refuses To Smell Like Anybody Else
Rasa Balancing Tool - $28

For Your Sister On Her First Day As A College Teacher 
Trilogy Lemon Satchel Bag - $164

For Your Parents Who Moved To A New House With A BATH — Finally
The Experimenter Bath Bomb - $9

For Your Cousin In Love With Everything That Glitters
The Satin Bomber Jacket - $98

For Your Friend Who Confessed She'd Love To Be Catwoman For Halloween
Lace Cat Ear Headband - $20 

For Your S.O. Who's Working In A Science Center And Is A Huge Fan Of Jurassic Park
Prehistoric Animals Pattern Engraved Rolling Pin - $22

For Your Mother-In-Law Who's Building Her Own Garden 
Trowel Palamos - $26 and V&A Garden Fork - $26