Hairstyles You Can Actually Do Yourself To Wear To A Wedding

So easy.

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Summer's officially here, which means that all the wedding announcements you put on your Google Calendar back in March have started popping up on your phone. And of course, you're a #girlboss (or at least a committed shopoholic), so everything's under control. Gorgeous outfit? Check. Classy summer heels? Double check. But wait – have you thought about how you're going to style your hair?

As a wedding guest, choosing the right 'do can be tricky. Depending on your outfit or the atmosphere of the event, you may want a hairstyle that's elegant, flirty, bohemian or just something simple – but that'll still make you look like a million bucks. The key is to look polished but not overdone, romantic but not saccharine. Most importantly, you want something that can get you through the best part of the night: shimmying to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You on the dance floor with somebody's drunken uncle. 

To round off your wedding-day ensemble with just the right hairstyle, look no further. We've come up with step-by-step guides to 4 stunning but simple looks that can be easily adapted to most hair types and lengths. Just remember to plan it out so that you're working with day 2 hair (it'll be much easier to style) and to bring along extra bobby pins to the event – whether it be a hair or dress malfunction, they're useful for all kinds of quick fixes.

The Half-Up Half-Down


Get the look:
1. Start by coating dry, combed-out hair liberally with heat protecting spray. 
2. With a curling iron or a hair straightener, twist small sections of hair around the barrel, holding each section for about 10 seconds, depending on your styling device. Release the curl and hold it in the palm of your hand for a few seconds before letting it go. Make sure to style the curls bigger than you would like them to be: they'll loosen up throughout the rest of the wedding. After you've finished curling, seal your hard work with hairspray.
3. For the half-up bit, there are multiple variations you can try. Taking a few strands of hair from the sides of your face, start styling a messy French braid, leaving the ends loose and using bobby pins to secure it half-finished. Alternatively, braid or twist the front section of hair framing your face, and secure the strands from each side together at the back with bobby pins or a barrette.

The Elegant Updo


Get the look:
1. To get your hair super sleek, start by combing your tangles out and prepping your hair with a layer of heat protecting spray. Then go in with a straightening iron, working your way all around your head.
2. Secure your straightened hair into a sleek low ponytail, and smooth down your work with some hairspray.
3. To create your bun, tightly loop your ponytail once around the hair elastic while pinning it in place (longer, 2- or 3-inch bobby pins work great for this). Then, pull the rest of your hair through from the bottom up, like you're creating a knot. Secure the ends in place by pinning it around your elastic.
4. Fix any fly-aways with a little more hairspray, and you're good to go. 

The Floral Accents

Image: @annahmburu on Instagram

Get the look:
1. Style your hair any way you wish (or just leave it in its natural form) and add some flowers behind your ear, or dotted around your 'do. Easy!
Tip: If you're using fresh flowers, turn them into a makeshift clip by wrapping some heavy-duty tape around the stem and inserting a bobby pin before sealing the stem off with the rest of the tape. Attach the flower pin to your hair, making sure to secure it with another pin to form an X shape. If your flower has a thinner stem, you can go ahead and attach it by simply sliding them in and securing with criss-crossed bobby pins. 

The No-Fuss Curls


Get the look:
1. We never get tired of saying it: before styling, always prep your dry, combed-out hair with a heat protecting spray.
2. Using a curling iron with a large (around 1 inch) barrel, divide your hair into small sections and style accordingly, holding the loosened curl in the palm of your hand for a few seconds after you release it from the barrel. For a more uniform look, make sure that you're curling all your strands in the same direction – except for the pieces that frame your face, which should be curled outwards. To hold the look in place, mist liberally with hairspray.
3. Pull one side of your hair away from your face and clip it back with your favorite show-stopping barrette. 

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