Four Fabulous Ideas For A Mother-Daughter Date

Make this year the best Mother's Day ever.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we know what that means: time to make up for one year of forgetting to call our moms back, missing family dinners to go out with friends, and ignoring all of their outdated (but well-intentioned) fashion advice. We’re familiar with the drill: scour the home goods section of Anthropologie, pick out the most adorably tacky card at the drugstore, and beat the crowds at the florist before all the colorful tulips are gone.
But when we stopped to think about what mom really wants, we realized that it has nothing to do with an edible fruit bouquet and everything to do with some good-old quality time. In an era where we spend more time interacting with our phones than we do the people around us, it seems easier to text a string of flower emojis or order a gift off of Amazon. So while the rest of your family’s wooing Mom with French presses and succulent wall plants, go the extra mile by planning a special mother-daughter date that you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives – thoughtful gift(s) included.
In honor of our incredible moms, we’ve planned out four mother-daughter excursions for everyone from the art connoisseurs to the girl bosses who are in need of some serious R&R. And if your mother’s tastes differ vastly from your own, you know what to do: suck it up and go to that knitting class.
If you’re #GirlBosses who could use a well-deserved day of pampering, it’s time to...


Give your mom the luxury of sleeping in while you sneak into the kitchen and prepare a spread of her favorite brunch foods (or if you’re inept in the kitchen, stick to a fool-proof quiche). Bring it to her in bed with some freshly squeezed juice to start the day off on a delicious note. Has mom been suffering from an aching back or thinking about changing up her hair? Plan an afternoon spa session for the both of you, or DIY it up with homemade masks and mani-pedis if professional services are too pricy. After a day of relaxation, it’s time to hit the town: make reservations that new restaurant you've both been wanting to try, and spend the rest of the night gabbing about your favorite Netflix series. As a bonus, present her with a beauty kit – it’ll be an incentive for future pampering sessions together.
If you both appreciate the finer things in life and have impeccable taste in art, plan a day of...


If you’re both love culture and exploration, how about the classic dinner-and-a-show? If you forget to book ahead, rush tickets are sometimes available until the day of, and if you’re a student, your school may have discounted tickets for certain performances. If your ticket is for the evening, use the afternoon to bond over learning a new skill (French cooking class, anyone?), gallery hopping, or even thrifting (maybe she’ll pick up some vintage pieces that you can steal for your own closet). Finally, commemorate the day by taking a picture together at the theater and getting it printed and framed. It may sound a bit cheesy, but no one appreciates a heartfelt gesture of affection more than a mom.

If you’re outdoors-y types who love embarking on offbeat adventures, try a...


If you and your mom love the outdoors, there’s no better way to kick off your mother-daughter date than a early morning hike (or, if you’re subject to torrential rains or live too far from a trail, a rock-climbing session). Cap off the morning with a hearty meal at your favorite breakfast joint, and continue your adventure by whisking mom off on a fun, personalized tour. Make a list of places (both well-known and off-the-map) that she hasn’t discovered before, and spend the rest of the afternoon exploring to your heart’s content – whether you’re trekking through mountainous, beachy, or urban terrain. Lastly, as a thoughtful souvenir of your day together, put together a little gift box for her by gathering trinkets and pictures from the places you visited – plus a hand-written note to tie the entire collection together.
If you’re homebodies who enjoy your creature comforts, how about a day of...


Ease into your day by attending a late-morning yoga class (laughing at each other’s attempts to nail the poses will bring you closer together). If it’s nice out, grab some lunch and picnic in a nearby park: just find a patch of sunlight where you can lay out your yoga mat. If your mom has a green thumb, you could spend some time gardening together in the afternoon, or if not, strolling through a pet shop (cute pups everywhere) or perusing your favorite bookstore. End the day with pizza and a movie (of her choice) – you can either make your own pies or order in, depending on how lazy the both of you feel. Pro tip: when you’re in the bookstore, pick out a book for her and write a little note on the title page. She’ll be able to read it over and over again, while looking back on the mother-daughter day you planned just for her.

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