Meet The Bloggers Who Have Taken Twinning To The Next Level

"Fabulous is a state of mind."

Generally when you think of a fashion blogger, you imagine one individual sharing their personal style and fashion tips with their followers. But for Romanian fashionistas Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa, that was never going to be the case. 

Having previously worked together for a PR and events agency, Enciu and Tanasa set up a fashion and vintage fair called Absolutely Fabulous, which was all about getting together with your best friend and finding trendy treasures. After a few successful runs, they decided to do something a little different, a little more editorial: they set up a joint blog. 

Now, eight years later, the Fabulous Muses have a combined Instagram following of nearly 200k worldwide, they’ve been featured on the covers of the kind of glossy magazines they used to work for and they’ve just launched their own jewelry collection – plus, they are Fashion Week regulars. 

So has working as a double act aided their success? They are certainly striking to look at: always coordinated, but never OTT-matching, the Fabulous Muses’ joint appearance is a street style photographer’s dream. They’ve mastered the art of sartorially complimenting one another while allowing their own unique personalities shine through. While they’re always on-trend, they rarely pander to any fast-fashion fad: Enciu and Tanasa keep it elegant, always. 

We caught up with them to find out what it’s like working as a team in an area of the industry that is so often all about one individual. 

Wheretoget: You are the co-founders of Fabulous Muses. What's the best part about tackling the fashion industry together?
Fabulous Muses: You have always someone by your side and you are never alone; we work better together because we complete one another. We care about each other a lot. We are more than BFFs or sisters: we are one, and it's a great feeling to know that you have a better [version of yourself] beside you at all times in this crazy fashion world, where one day you make friends and, come tomorrow, they disappear like they were never there.

WTG: What inspires you most about the industry? 
FM: The change, the evolution. When you believe everything has been done before [and then] someone comes up with an outstanding idea that surprises you. It's unbelievable how fast things change. We get inspired by everything from social media to real people. 

WTG: What does "fabulous" mean to you?
FM: Fabulous is a state of mind. It's a feeling that you have inside, and we want to spread that "fabulous" feeling all over [the world]. Fabulous is never being afraid to be yourself. 

WTG: What spring trends are you most excited about, and what pieces will you be clearing out from last season? 
FM: Statement [t-shirts] with slogans and funny phrases [on them], pink mania, extra-volume sleeves, ruffles and stripes – we love them all. It's hard to clean out our closet, but mostly we throw away pieces we didn't wear very often last season. It means we'll probably never wear them again, so they have no [reason to be] in the wardrobe. But we keep essentials like bags, shoes and jewelry because you never know when they'll be back in style. 

WTG: At Wheretoget, we believe in fashion as a form of expression. What item in your closet, if you had to pick just one, is the best representation of you – and why?
Alina Tanasa: I love Kimonos. I like to wear them over outfits, as dresses [on their own] or at the seaside over a swimsuit. I get obsessed with new things from season to season, but I will always love white shirts because they are easy to wear and go well with everything. 
Diana Enciu: Jeans in every shape, color, length and size – [in particular] with embroidery or a pair of vintage Levi's. They are my [absolute favorite closet staple]; you will always see me wearing a pair of jeans. They work with everything from morning 'til evening. "All-denim [everything]" is my slogan. 

WTG: If you weren't working in fashion, what would you be doing?
AT: PR and events. I love to organize events, and maybe someday that is what we will do... But I love blogging more. 
DE: Organizing weddings, and fashion and beauty events – I need action in my life! Or a food blog, I cook really well.

WTG: As co-founders of your own blog, you are both digital #GirlBosses. What is some of the best advice you received while building your careers? 
FM: Not much in fact... but a good piece of advice for sure is to be the best version of yourself, to work hard and try to improve every day.

WTG: How has Fabulous Muses influenced your lives?
FM: It's amazing to have had the opportunities that we have. Not many have [had the same chance in life], and we are somehow the lucky winners who [have been able] to travel all over the world, to collaborate with high-fashion brands, to attend Fashion Week shows, to appear in magazines – all these are gifts that confirm we do our job well.

Check out our selection of pieces inspired by Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa's style to inject a little fabulousness into your closet:
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All images courtesy of Fabulous Muses. You can follow them on Instagram @fabmuse_alina and @fabmuse_diana or on their blog, Fabulous Muses.