This Is What You Need To Do To Get Noticed During Fashion Week

According to a street style photographer.

As Wheretoget’s street style photographer, I always have my eyes open for interesting subjects. I seek out the most stylish inhabitants of Paris on a weekly basis, as well as the glamorous and diverse crowds that flock to the city during Fashion Week, and I’m here to share some tips for how you can increase your chances of being spotted and snapped outside the shows this September.

Fashion Week may seem like a modern-day aristocratic salon, reserved for the Anna Wintours and Gigi Hadids of the world (and, in more recent years, the Chriselle Lims of the influencer blogosphere). I'm not about to tell you otherwise – after all, invitations to Valentino Haute Couture presentations don’t grow on trees. But any industry insider will tell you that the magic doesn’t begin under the spotlights of the runway, but rather, on the streets outside the shows. Here, everybody is free to interpret the trends of the season as they wish, and both seasoned editors and fresh-faced fashionistas have the same chance of being noticed by the army of street style photographers sent by publications from all around the world. 

Whether you're destined for discovery or are just curious about the seemingly magic formula to getting street-style spotted, I've compiled a list of the key ingredients that will help you to stand out in a crowd of fabulously dressed attendees. 

Follow my 6 tricks to standing out from the crowd during Fashion Week and count how many street style shots you end up in: 

1. Show Up Early

About 30 minutes before a show starts is when the excitement begins to build and us photographers are milling about, warming our lenses with stylish subjects before the stars arrive. If you want to be photographed, arrive during this time when the competition isn’t as fierce – when Karlie Kloss appears we’ll all be focused on getting that money shot. Alternatively, wait until all the attendees are inside and the show has begun, as photographers will continue to shoot during the interim 20 minutes or so, until the applause sounds and the scramble recommences. If you can’t find the location of a show online, try stalking the tagged Instagram posts of both the fashion houses and the profiles of editors, models and bloggers and you’ll usually figure it out.

2. Be Well-Dressed, but Not Over-Dressed

You’ll always have people in tacky get-ups in front of every show whose outfits scream “fashion victim” instead of “fashion maven”. Photographers aren’t interested in outrageous ensembles or overly luxurious attire, but an individual who has a distinct sense of style or beauty will always catch our eye. An easy trick is to pick a statement piece (vibrant colors and patterns photograph well) and style an outfit around it. But whatever you do, make sure your accessories are on point: photographers look for outfits that are elevated above the usual dress code and love a good detail shot. 

3. Make them come to you

This one is relatively simple: stroll slowly through the crowd, and if you’ve put together a compelling outfit, photographers should come to you. Alternatively, stand in some good light and wait – photographers can’t resist good light! Also (this should go without saying) don’t stand hunched over your phone: we won’t be able to see your face.

4. Work your poses and angles

Someone with an awkward stance and a passive expression usually doesn’t make for a good photo. You don’t have to throw your hands up in the air and toss your hair around like a Pantene model (in fact, it’s best that you don’t), but standing in a natural yet confidant manner and having a few subtle poses in your arsenal goes a long way. If a photographer has their lens trained on you, try different angles and switch poses between shots so that they have some variety. And if someone asks for a portrait of you, channel your inner Kendall Jenner and work that close-up smoulder. 

5. Openness and courtesy go a long way

Photographers will be more receptive to shooting someone who is friendly and courteous than someone who acts rude. If someone is taking your picture, be open to working with them and give them a small smile and a word of thanks. Don’t ask to see the photo on the spot – we’re working and need to be moving quickly through the crowd and shooting a variety of looks. If you want to see the picture, the easiest way is to exchange social media handles or business cards, or ask where the pictures will be posted. But don’t be disheartened if your photo doesn’t make the final cut – all images go through a rigorous edit before they’re published.

6. When in doubt, bring a friend

If the thought of coming to a show by yourself intimidates you, enlist a friend or two. Remember to go over your outfits with each other beforehand: nothing too matchy-matchy, but do make sure that your ensembles look harmonious when you’re side-by-side. I love a good group shot when people are vibing off each other!
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All photos by Diana Liu.