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I have a mild obsession with the color gray, everything from the clothes I wear to the color of my living room is gray. I originally bought this dress for last year's Christmas Day outfit but made a snap decision to change out of it on the day – too many desserts, not enough stretch! It's from a New York-based boutique called Rue 107 and the longline necklace was a Christmas present, originally from The Boudoir. 

My style is fairly classical. For years I tried to wear the pieces I thought looked great on other people, before I realized it was time to just embrace my own style, predictable or not. I like to dress in multiple shades of one color and I’m much more likely to stick to a timeless palette rather than a seasonal one. 

It’s getting a little warm for my wooly winter coat so I recently bought a light-weight, floral blouson. It's very colorful, I’m still getting used to it. 

I simply couldn’t live without black court shoes. Continually ridiculed by close friends and family for my bizarre taste in footwear, this rather old-fashioned style of shoe is mine by choice. I buy a pair, take five months to break them in, wear them everyday for five more and then start the process all over again. What can I say, they are the best kind of shoes for a girl who likes to wear heels but who also walks everywhere.   

Paris is the city for people-watching and I love people-watching on the metro. I take inspiration from seeing women who can style an outfit from things I would never think to put together. In particular, the older generations in Paris have a very unique sense of style. There’s nothing more liberating than watching an 80-something-year-old woman stepping onto the metro in bright purple stilettos, a scarlet poncho and a sparkly trilby hat. 

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