Wheretoget What Our Editors Are Wearing

Meet the WTG editors and steal their looks.

I have to start with the jacket: it's a vintage Levi's one that I got from my favorite thrift store in the East Village in Manhattan, AuH2O Thrifrique. It was $20. But to make it extra special, my talented friend Danielle customized it with my name on the front, and a heart on the back that says "Je t'aime" (because, you know ... Paris). More on how to get that yourself here. Underneath is a sleeveless turtleneck sweater that was a '90s hand-me-down from my aunt, whose fashion sense has inspired me since when she used to take me to her job at MTV in Times Square. I was just a kid and to me, she had it all, the New York job and the wardrobe to match. 

This tulle skirt was a recent vintage find in the Marais, but the Zara boots are brand spanking new. The Ralph Lauren purse is also lifted from a family member, my grandmother – I don't do this to save money (it doesn't hurt though!), I do it because the women in my life really inspire me, both what they do and how they dress. And because I live far away, wearing their stuff is like having them close to me all the time and channeling their energy through what I'm wearing. 
I used to have a very bohemian look, the product of my downtown Manhattan environment. I still love vintage and thrift shopping, but I am really into creating a wardrobe that's built to last now. I like investing in high-quality pieces that I envision having a long life span in my closet, not being distracted by any trend that looks like a good idea but I'll likely regret (and toss out) later. I love wearing lots of black but have been trying to incorporate more color and texture – we recently wrote a piece about pleats in unexpected places, and when I saw a photo of pleated socks I decided I don't experiment enough with these kinds of unique details. Fashion is a reflection of who I am, and often how I'm feeling. I love waking up with the creative challenge of how I'm going to express myself each day.

Two tops from Ba&sh, one of my favorite French brands. One was black with barely-there pleats and a subtle collar, the other more for the office with a very structured fit and equally structured flared sleeved in my second favorite color, navy blue. Oh, and there's a giant cut out in the back. 

Denim. The material, and anything that's made out of it. But specifically, a good pair of jeans. Denim & Supply is usually my go-to, but any classic, durable brand that changes to fit your shape and is comfortable to wear. 

Get Amanda's look, and other pieces she mentioned in today's feature: 
Levis vintage denim jacket - $50.06
Sleeveless Sweater - $196
Gray tulle skirt - $40
Black mid-length boot - $179
Red leather satchel - $198
Jagger top - €160
Daring top - €165.00