Make Your Own Gigi Hadid-Inspired Choker

Just a few steps to look like one of the coolest girls around.

1) Image: via @gigihadid on Instagram 2) Photo by Wheretoget

A few weeks ago, it  was Kendall Jenner's birthday. Of course, her BFF Gigi Hadid shared the cutest picture of the pair on her Instagram to wish her "Ken" the best of birthday weekends. But what caught our attention was Gigi's studded choker paired with a printed silk scarf. We thought you might have found this look as cool as we did, so we came with a DIY tutorial to reproduce the all-in-1 necklace effect. Follow these easy steps to make your own Gigi-inspired necklace. 


- Ruler
- 7 spiked studs 
- Fabric scissors
- 47cm of leather ribbon (may vary according to your neck size)
- Hole punch
- Eyelets and press stud
- Fabric (enough to circle your neck's for measure and then tie it)
 We picked jersey fabric because there's no need for stitching. But feel free to use any king of fabric you like! 


Measure 12cm from each end of the leather ribbon 


Gently fold the ribbon so that the end of the ribbon arrives at the 12cm mark you just measured. You are creating two 6-cm loops at each end, through which you'll later pass the fabric. Take your hole punch and make a hole in both layers where you can add an eyelet. 


Put the eyelet in the hole and squeeze it with your press stud. Repeat operation on the other side. 


Next, lay your leather ribbon down on your working space and make little marks using a pen and a ruler so that all spiked studs will be equally separated. If you've followed the steps correctly, you should have a distance of 25 cm between the two eyelets, so place the middle stud at 12.5 cm and make a mark each 3.5 cm from there. 
Press the studs onto the ribbon and close the little claws up on the back of the ribbon. 


Pass the fabric through the loops you created earlier and tie it around your neck as you would do with any scarf. Ta-da! Your Gigi Hadid inspired choker is ready.