Proof Crystals Are Better As Jewellery

They're big in the home right now, but we prefer wearing them.

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Next time, instead of completing your outfit with a standard diamond or pearl necklace, think outside the box by adding on a piece of jewellery featuring a crystal for some finesse. 

While black is the new sleek, we like adding a touch of color to our wardrobes. Whether you’re a girl who prefers a diamond-shaped cut over an almond one, studs or long chains, crystal-themed jewelry will be making a recurring appearance this season. Whether you prefer your birthstone or opt for more lively and spirited colors, you’ll find something from minimalist to accommodate your old soul or bold and vibrant to channel your inner rebel from our selection below. 

Delicate Crystal Lariat Necklace 
Deity Crystal Necklace
Heather Kahn Crystal Visions Choker