Coordinate Your Toe Nails With Your Sandals For The Ultimate Summer Look

Step up your nail game.


With the prominence of social media today, having your #NailGame on point is of the utmost importance. While the inevitable nail art trends are already in full swing, like wire embellishments and ombre finishes, they tend to be reserved for the fingernails. But there are a whole ten other mini canvasses to get painting now that the sun is coming out and sandal season is fast approaching. 

Though pedicures seem to get less love than manicures, we're hoping to change that. After all, a painted toe nail is just as much an accessory as a ring or a bag, which is why we recommend you seriously up your summer style game by coordinating your pedicure with your peep-toe pumps.

There's no better partnership than the freshly-polished toenail and a pair of on-trend sandals for summer. Bring out a metallic heel on a stiletto with a glitter nail, or make the bright streak of color really pop with a matching shade on your toes. 

For a little toe nail inspo, check out our coordinated collection of polishes and sandals to pair-up this summer: