The Fashion Crowd Can't Agree On This Year's Must-Have Summer Detail

Are you giving Bardot the cold shoulder?

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Last summer, off-the-shoulder styles took off. We saw Bardot dresses, Bardot shirts, Bardot bikinis… anything with shoulders, you can bet you’ll find a Bardot equivalent of it. But what about those of us who don’t feel comfortable with that much skin on display (read: who want to wear a bra)? The cold shoulder showed up. 

Rather than completely exposing the entire top-fifth of your torso, a cold shoulder allows just a hint of upper arm to see the sun while concealing your chest and the nape of your neck. It's marginally more formal than the full off-the-shoulder, meaning it's a great substitute for an office situation, or even a formal evening occasion where you'd otherwise need to cover up with a stole. 

The two trends have been head-to-head ever since last summer, when there was no clear winner as to which was the ultimate must-have detail. Both add the same dash of sunshine to any outfit, and come in an endless variety of styles: where there’s an off-the-shoulder banker shirt, its peek-a-boo cut-out cousin won’t be far off, ditto all of the ruffled and gingham designs that are out there, too. 

So we pulled together a selection of similar designs that showcase the two details side-by-side so you can decide for yourself: which is the best summer style? 
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