This Is How Cool Girls Accessorize For Summer

It's all about coordination.


The sun is shining, and that means it’s anklet season. As the hemlines get higher and the shoes get strappier, it’s the perfect time of year to accessorize your ankles, as they’ll be extra on display. 

This oft-overlooked piece of jewelry is synonymous with summer: it’s that souvenir you picked up from an artisan market while on vacation, it’s the friendship band you and your squad all bought matching styles of and kept on for weeks.

There are so many different kinds to choose from, too. There’s the classic jute-and-shell combo, plus all manners of intricate, Eastern-style silver designs that will glimmer in the sunshine and draw attention to your killer shoes. Then there are the super-fun styles, like a string of pom poms or a row of mini tassels (to match the ones in your ears) that add a pop of color and texture, too. 

And, with so much focus on your feet, it’d be a shame to let your shoe game slip. One of this year’s biggest footwear trends is mules, whose backless style is the perfect companion for your ankle bling. But there’s no reason you can’t add an extra flare to a pair of in-your-face sneakers, or balance out a chunky sandal with some delicate detailing, too. 

Check out our pairings of anklets and shoes to style out this summer: