3 TED Talks That’ll Change Your Perception of Beauty

A deeper look into the world of beauty and glamour.

Image: Papo Waisman 

Delving into the world of picture-perfect models fitted with designer clothing, it won’t take long for us to admit that Hollywood billboards have us sold. Beauty – everyone wants it, and everyone wants to be it. 
While there are different variations of beauty, the world has decided on one. But we’re no rule-followers. These 3 TED talks will counter everything you know about beauty, and help you see your own through a new lens.  
Supermodel Cameron Russell is the ultimate babe boss for breaking barriers in this one.  Taking an in-depth look at the industry that made her, she shows us how beauty is more than being just a pretty face.   

Virginia Postrel: On Glamour
More than billboards and editorial spreads, any final masterpiece has glamour that is a result of hours of meticulous planning and editing. Journalist and cultural critic Virginia Postrel steps in to offer us a fresh perspective on how to appreciate glamour – the art and the craft. 

Rick Guidotti: From Stigma To Supermodel
He’s photographed models that have graced the covers of Elle and GQ. Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti is a man on a mission – and a good one at that. His path takes a shift when he sets out photographing and highlighting the beauty found in kids with albinism, showing us how understanding beauty starts with embracing differences.