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exat one here....plz click thanks button if it helped <3
49 months ago
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avatar imagelonda.kochkiani


avatar imageexultings

Originally from brandy melville but not there anymore you can find it in etsy , ebay , polyvore etc... Just search "brandy melville i love you to the moon and back " or "i love you to the moon and back"

avatar imageexultings

It's a Casio

avatar imagebluevalentine


avatar imagelousiee

Brandy Melville :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l

Brandy melville- check in store

avatar imageolya.simakova

This is unfortunately discontinued from the original makers, Brandy Melville. Sorry ):

avatar imageDressLikeAcacia

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams

Brandy melville :) :)


Brandy & Melville

avatar imageJill_silber


avatar imagenala.

avatar imagecaryanes

Brandy Melville!

avatar imagecoraliestcyr

Brandy Melville



avatar imageJoooy.99

its no longer available on brandy melville's website

avatar imagecaryanes

It's from Brandy Melville :))

avatar imageloisjen

Brandy Melville, it is from an old collection but you can find it second hand online for sure! Xx

avatar imagejulia_gutlich

Brandy Melville

avatar imageadelinehrt

just look up Brandy Melville :)

avatar imagelindadarcy

Exact same shirt at comes in white and black

avatar imagePartyGyrl

Yes, it's from brandy melville :)

avatar imageanina_25


avatar imageliamsmykitten


avatar imageliamsmykitten

brandy melville :)

avatar imageroeiriz

It's from Brandy Melville;

avatar imageciertje

Brandy Melville!

avatar imageFashionista25

this shirt was originally sold at brandy melville, but they ran out of stock because the shirt was so popular. they re-stocked a little while ago; even though they ran out again, they might re-stock it, you would just have to wait a little bit. if you live in canada, you can get it at winners if you look in the junior's section, even though the brand is different.

avatar imagereflect

this is totally Brandy Melville! i saw this at Pac Sun, they have a Brandy Melville collection.

avatar imagehaleymoon22

avatar imageFlowerHair

Brandy Melville originally carries them

avatar imagemikaylakerba

i saw that shirt at winners for about 10 $

avatar imagegabrielle.turpin

Go to PacSun they sell certain Brandy Melville clothes I got my I love you to the moon and back tank there :)

avatar imagemellsonbells

I think it's from Brandy Melville

avatar imagezayn_laquiffa
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